Why You Really Need A Bridal Gown Appointment

Jul 25, 2019

We get it. You dont have to get a special appointment to get your regular clothes, so why do you need one for your wedding gown? Because your wedding dress is not your regular clothes of course! We recommend that you schedule your bridal gown appointment as soon as you find your venue, or even before!

Scheduling your bridal appointment comes with so many benefits.

 You Have Your Own Bridal Stylist

Your wedding day is a big deal. It can also be overwhelming – ballgown, fit and flare – its a whole different language! Your bridal stylist is there to help you navigate these new waters. After all, shes a professional! She listens to what youre looking for, and helps you find it. She can also show you gowns that you werent expecting to love but were exactly what youve been looking for the whole time.

You Have Your Own Dressing Room

Making an appointment means that youre guaranteed a space in a private dressing room for you and your guests. Its so nice not to have to worry about whether or not there will be space, especially when everyones already gotten together! We also provide wine and sweet treats so that you can have an absolutely unique experience.

All Your Friends Can Get Together

Finding your wedding dress is exciting! Its super easy to give into temptation and slip into a bridal shop after a good brunch. Planning it out though means that you can arrange your schedule with your besties and make sure that as many as your girls can be there when  you find your dream dress!  Of course, if not everyone can make it to your bridal gown appointment, it can be bittersweet when you find your dress. Dont worry though – we love putting on dress reveals for brides who find their dress when the special women in their lives are unavailable. We can schedule an appointment for you to try on your dress for your mom or sister, or even do a surprise appointment where you try on your dress and a few others. Its so fun to watch everyone fall as much in love with your dress as you are!

You Find Your Dream Dress

The very best part! Having a bridal appointment is all about finding your perfect wedding dress, so that you can say yes to the dress and get married to the love of your life?

Have You Booked Your Bridal Gown Appointment?

Schedule it now! Wed love to have you in! Need more evidence that having a bridal appointment really works? Check out our featured bride Jamie who looks absolutely gorgeous in her dress from K&B!