Why You Need A Professional Bridesmaid Stylist

Apr 25, 2018

After you find your dress, its time to find your girls dresses. Using a stylist to find your wedding gown was one thing. Some gowns are pretty big and you need help getting in and out of them! But why do you need a professional bridesmaid stylist? Well, the world of bridesmaid dresses can be even more confusing than the world of wedding dresses. Take all of those fabric, detail, and designer options and then add color! Not only that, youre choosing a dress that is the same or similar for a unique set of girls. Having a professional stylist can help. Heres how.

Style Knowledge

Theres never been more variety in the way we wear bridesmaid dresses than there is right now. Whether youre looking for one dress to flatter everyone or slightly different styles that complement each other, a stylist can help. Here at K&B, we recently had a bride who had  a very clear vision. She wanted her girls in earth tones, each with a different silhouette. However she wasn’t sure how to zoom in from the macro-earth tones- to the micro- what should each dress look like? Thats where her stylist helped by coming up with different style and color options. By the end of the appointment, together they had selected an array of dresses. Each was a different style and shade and all together they suited the brides vision perfectly!

Outside Opinion

Your bridesmaids are your family, your best friends, the girls you cant live without, but they are still people. While they want the best for you, they will have an opinion on what looks best. Your stylist can listen to these opinions. She will take them into account, and make suggestions so that everyone can contribute but she knows at the end of the day that the brides vision will prevail. Shes your clarifying voice and your cheerleader. Shes here for you.


So youve picked out exactly what you like and youre ready to order. Another benefit of bridesmaid shopping with a professional stylist is that you have peace of mind knowing that all your bridesmaids are ordering the correct size. Like bridal gowns, and really all womens clothes, every designer uses a different size chart. Ordering your typical street size isnt always going to work. When working with a stylist, every girl can talk through her measurements and compare them with the size chart. At the end of the day, though, its her dress and she has final say in the size. A stylist will make the logistical process easier. She can keep track of everyones style and size, and shell make sure everything is ordered appropriately. Thats one less thing for you to worry about!

Why You Need a Professional Bridesmaid Stylist

Planning a wedding is planning the most special party for the most special people in your life.. It should always be fun. By using a professional bridesmaid stylist, you have a style resource in the room with you, you have an outside opinion, and you can delegate some of the logistics. That way, you can simply focus on picking a beautiful gown for your fav girls to wear on the most special day of your life. Ready to pick out your bridesmaid dresses? Plan your appointment here!