Who To Bring Wedding Dress Shopping

Apr 3, 2018

The moment is here. Youre ready to find your wedding dress. Maybe youve been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl. Maybe you get a bit queasy thinking about all those dresses on the internet and how youre ever going to find the one. We are here to help. A successful outing starts with a successful group of people. That brings us to the question of the day: who should you bring with you on your special day of wedding dress shopping?


For many brides, the most important opinion is moms. No matter how old we get, our relationship with our mom is still one of the most important in our lives. Shes the one who helped you pick out dresses for your middle school dance and took you back to school shopping for years. After you, she knows your style and what suits you the best. Mom also usually can be counted on to give her honest opinion. She should be part of the wedding dress shopping process, whether she lives right next door to you or all the way across the country. Technology is an excellent thing! Even if mom cant come to the appointment in person, get Facetime going and give her a chair!

A Friend

Youve got Mom for her honesty. Next up, its important to bring someone who will make you feel beautiful in everything you wear. This can be your maid of honor, childhood best friend, or sister. Yes, you know youre beautiful, but a little unconditional support never hurts! But how many friends is too many? On such a special day, it can be difficult saying no to those who want to come along. After all, everybody loves wedding dresses! However, its important to remember that this is your dress for your day, and in the end, your opinion is the most important. Your friend Bethany mightve been your bestie since age 10, but while she wears all the cutting-edge trends, your style might tend towards retro and feminine. Chances are youll like different styles of wedding gowns. Thats awesome! When she gets married, you know her dress will be totally different from yours. Its okay to trim the number of friends you bring if only to keep yourself from getting totally confused. Your wedding dress is the most self-expressive garment youll ever wear.

Your Bridal Stylist

Your bridal stylist is just a friend you havent met yet. Shes there to listen to you, your tastes and desires, and help you discover your perfect dress. After all, youve never been shopping for a wedding dress before. She has years of experience in the field, and she can assist you on your journey. Shell help you try on everything you want and can even introduce styles you never thought of but end up loving!

No matter who you bring wedding dress shopping…

Getting your wedding dress is a once in a lifetime moment. Everyone important to you and important in the decision-making process should be there. Everyone should be there to support you, and everyone should be there to have a good time! If youre ready to find your perfect dress, we would love to schedule an appointment with you!