What to Expect at Your K&B Bridals Appointment

Feb 4, 2022

Wedding dress shopping is a whole new experience that you have likely never went through yourself before! It is unlike any other shopping experience. Because of that, we wanted to create this little guide of what our brides can expect at their K&B Bridals appointment!

What to Expect at Your K&B Bridals Appointment

Here are some things that you can expect at your bridal appointment here at K&B Bridals!

A standard appointment is 90 minutes

When you book a standard bridal appointment with us, the appointment will be 90 minutes. Don’t worry, this is plenty of time to find your dress!

We do offer upgraded appointment options where your bridal appointment will last for 2 hours, along with other exciting things! You can check out those upgraded options here.

You will be in a private suite with a personal bridal stylist

During your appointment, you get to be in a private bridal suite! This gives you privacy from having to be in front of everyone in the store while trying on dresses. You will also work with a personal bridal stylist throughout your appointment!

Only bring your closest loved ones

We know that it can be tempting to bring all of your family and friends with you. But, we really suggest only bringing a few of your absolute closest people with you — 3 to 4 people is usually a good number!

Too many people can lead to too many opinions, and can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. It’s also important to only bring people who will completely love and support you!

Wear nude undergarments

One of our most frequently asked questions is what undergarments you should wear for your bridal appointment. We usually suggest nude undergarments! This will give you a good idea of what the dress will look like on your wedding day.

A lot of brides end up taking off their bra while trying on dresses, because so many dresses have open backs or illusion. However, it is completely up to you and whatever you are most comfortable with!

Bring inspiration

If you have pictures of gowns that you love, bring them with you to your appointment! We will be talking to you before your appointment too, so you can always send them to us beforehand. This will give us a good idea of what dresses to pull for you to start trying on first.

Have your budget in mind

Before you start wedding dress shopping, do your best to get an idea of what you’re willing to spend on your dress. Keep in mind that you will also have to budget for accessories and alterations!

This way, you won’t try on a dress that is above your price range, end up falling in love with it, and have to struggle with the decision.

Stay open-minded

While there’s nothing wrong with having an idea of what you want in a wedding dress, do your best to stay open minded! You would be surprised at the number of brides who choose a dress that is the complete opposite of what they thought they wanted.


At the end of your appointment, if you are happy and feel as though your stylist went above and beyond to give you the perfect experience, please know that a gratuity is appropriate and very much appreciated. Our bridal stylists do receive tips from clients.

This gesture is completely at your discretion! As with any service, tips are not expected but always appreciated. Our system will ask if you would like to add a tip when you check out.

Don’t be afraid to say “yes!”

Finally, don’t be afraid to commit to your dress! There will always be other dresses out there for you to look at, and new styles come out constantly. If you have a special feeling about a wedding dress and you can picture yourself walking down the aisle in it, don’t be afraid to say yes to the dress!