What Is The Best Time Of Year For Your Perfect Honeymoon?

Oct 11, 2018

Gone are the days of leaving directly from the chapel for your honeymoon. Now, receptions, flight deals, and general life conditions mean that honeymoons can occur a day or a year after the wedding. When planning then, what is the best time for a honeymoon? Some factors to consider before we dive into the different perks of each season-when is your wedding? Are you planning on leaving right from the reception/the next day or are you going to wait until the holiday season/schools out/the house down payment is together? What are you interested in? A honeymoon is a trip like any other in that it requires some logistical planning. Your answers to these questions may narrow down when/where you plan your honeymoon. But as with life, there are changing patterns in each season. Which one is right for you?


Where to go: Rome, California, Southern USA

New beginnings make spring a perfect time for a honeymoon. Spring is definitely a down season for tourism as everyone warms up to the idea of a new year, but before the summer crush in. Head south before the sweats of summer kick up and devour biscuits and barbecue. Catch some flower shows as everything bursts into bloom. Lots of weddings take place in the springtime, so if youre planning on leaving right after your wedding to preserve those just-married feels, then spring is definitely the best time for a honeymoon! Leaving right after your wedding is definitely the traditional route, and if you have no reason not to we say you go girl!


Where to go: Brazil, Philadelphia, Iceland

Schools out! Cant beat that summer heat for a beach honeymoon. Sit in a cabana for those long lazy summer days with the love of your life. Summer is the best time of year for an action-oriented honeymoon, if youre looking to spend long days hiking over glaciers or jumping out of planes. Also, if you have kiddos, a summer honeymoon might be easier logistically whether youre planning on leaving the kids with grandma, or having a family holiday. Summer is prime vacation time for everybody though, so be aware that you might be sharing the hotel with lots of other holiday-goers. But its perfect for a cooler-weather destination. Head north to enjoy even more sun and a mild climate. Looking for even more inspiration for your honeymoon? Check out our post on lesser-known honeymoon spots that are a divine time.


Where to go: Utah, Taiwan, Vermont

Another big season for weddings, and therefore a popular choice for honeymoons, fall is an awesome time to go traveling. Jet over to Europe and enjoy the shoulder season between the rush of summer and the crush of Christmas markets. For those who want to hit some classic hot-weather destinations but arent sure they want to brave the summer heat, fall is the best time of year for a honeymoon. The kids are back in school, so youre more likely to have popular places adults-only. Fall is perfect for the outdoor adventurer with its more mild weather, but be prepared to bundle up as the sun goes down!


Where to go: Florida, Switzerland, Colorado

Oh winter. Some people love you, others … not so much. A winter honeymoon is definitely a polarizing issue, but for some couples winter is the best time for a honeymoon! Ski bunnies, this is your time to shine! Or go south where the sun shines all year round. We personally love winter weddings, but this is also a great time for a holiday honeymoon, even if you got married earlier in the year. Whats more special than spending your first holiday season together as a married couple on your honeymoon?  

When do you think is the best time for a honeymoon? Let us know!

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