Wedding Gown Preservation: What It Is, Benefits, & More

Apr 28, 2020

There are so many options for things that you can do with your wedding gown after your big day. You might choose to sell it, donate it, or preserve it. Many brides choose to go with wedding gown preservation. There is so much love and happiness associated with your dress, so why wouldn’t you want to keep it for the memories? Wedding gown preservation is so important if you’re looking to hold on to your dress. Your wedding gown is so intricately designed that it just can’t be cleaned like any normal dress can! With preservation, your dress will be looking as good as it did before you wore it on your wedding day.


Wondering if you should get your dress preserved and cleaned? Here are some of the benefits!

Prevent discoloration & oxidation

Preserving your dress (typically) means that your dress will be in an airtight box. When this happens, all of the oxygen is taken out of the box and replaced with nitrogen. This will prevent oxidation, aging, and discoloration! Specialists recommend that you not break the seal. If you do for any reason, we highly recommend that you go through the preservation process again. You definitely don’t want anything to happen to your dress after it’s already been in safe preservation!

Specialists take your fabric type into consideration

Contrary to popular belief, wedding gown preservation is not the same thing as normal dry cleaning. Wedding gown preservation always starts with a specialist’s assessment of your gown. With this assessment, they will take a look at your dress’ intricate detail, such as the fabric, stitching, and other details. They will also analyze any stains that are on the dress. Another difference between preservation and dry-cleaning? Often, dry clearers use a recycled solvent that contains impurities. These impurities can end up redepositing onto your dress, leaving the gown with a strange smell. Wedding gown preservation and cleaning processes only use virgin solvents.

Create a living memory of your wedding dress

When you choose to get wedding gown preservation, you are literally creating a living memory of your wedding dress. You will be able to look at your wedding dress whenever you want to and remember the special day where your marriage began! Plus, future generations may be able to incorporate your wedding dress into their special day when you have a preserved gown.

Take care of “invisible” stains

Finally, wedding gown cleaning will take care of any stains on your dress even ones that aren’t visible to the naked eye. These “invisible” stains can end up causing discoloration over time if your dress is not properly preserved and cleaned!


Many wedding dress shops will offer wedding gown preservation options including us at K&B Bridals! Your preservation kit includes instructions on shipping your dress out to Wedding Gown Preservation Co. and you’ll have your dress returned directly back to you within 8-12 weeks! Give us a call at 410-838-1135 for more information on our preservation and cleaning package, as well as how to get it done for your dress.

Featured Image Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash