Top Spring 2018 Wedding Dress Trends To Watch

Apr 15, 2018

You have your perfect guy, your venue, and your wedding date. Now youre ready to start picking out your perfect dress. What can you expect to find when you walk into a bridal shop this season? Whether youre a bride whos all about that fashion-forward life, or you prefer classic silhouettes, its important to know whats going to be popping up during your shopping experience. Here are some spring 2018 wedding dress trends were seeing!

1. Side Cutouts

Martina Liana has been doing side cutouts for years now and shes clearly a trendsetter because side cutouts were all over the bridal runways this season. As far as spring 2018 wedding dress trends go, side cutouts are being used by most designers. Some swoop low and sheer, while others are decorated with lace and flowers for a subtle look. Side cutouts are an interesting way to add dimension to a dress, or a little pop of skin in an otherwise covered up bodice.

2. Sleeves

For so long it’s seemed as if almost all wedding dresses were strapless. If you wanted sleeves you needed to outsource them by getting a bolero or trying to convince your great-aunt to create some sleeves specifically for you. Then Kate Middleton came along with her full-length lace sleeves and. Changed. The. Game. And its excellent! Now there are sleeve styles for each and every bride, and this season is no different. One big style is the open bell sleeve thats been all over the day to day fashion scene. These delicate, often lacy, creations are perfect for the ethereal bride. If your wedding is on a beach, or deep in the desert, these light as air sleeves add beauty but not weight. For the sophisticated bride, another popular trend is off-the-shoulder sleeves, whether that be a small strap or a full-length sleeve. Off-the-shoulder sleeves give you all the aesthetic appeal of a strapless gown but with a bit more security and peace of mind.

3. Black accents

Maybe you dont ever wear white in your day to day life. Perhaps youre a LBD, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys Givenchy girl when the dress code calls for dress up. Well, we have good news for you! Designers are starting to incorporate touches of black into their creations because just because you wear black doesnt mean you arent bridal. From black belts to black hair bows, add a touch of daring anywhere in your outfit with this classic color. Faye Daniel Designs, whose headquarters is located in K&Bs shop, has a beautiful black beaded belt that goes with many of our gowns. They also work in custom colors and metals, so if this sounds like a trend you want to try, theyre happy to meet with you and create something uniquely you.

4. Tiers, tiers, tiers.

No, not that kind! Were talking about layers and layers of fabric in your tiered skirt. This is your wedding day. If there is ever a day to wear as much fabric as possible, this is it! Glam brides will love the current fashion for swaths and swaths of fabric, all arranged in different and adorable ways. Hayley Paige has always loved to do this with her dresses, and her new season reflects that. And who knows, if your wedding gown has tiers in it, maybe your entourage will have some tears of their own. Of happiness of course!

5. Pearls

Is there any jewelry more classic than a pearl? Pearls are popping up everywhere this season, from dress decorations to finishing touches. Theyre a classic, and they often match the elegant covered buttons that adorn many a wedding gown. The beauty of pearls is their versatility. A vintage bride might wear a 20s inspired rope of pearls that reaches her waist. A modern bride might back her pearls onto silver or crystal. And of course, you can break out mom or grandmas pearls for a finishing touch that is both sentimental and on trend.

What do you think of these spring 2018 wedding dress trends?

Are there some spring 2018 wedding dress trends that you think youd like to try? With so many options to pick from, the best way to narrow it down is to come in and try some gowns on. We would love to schedule an appointment with you and help you find your perfect dress! Curious about what designers were up to last season? Check out some Fall 2017 trends!