Three Huge Alterations Almost Every Bride Needs For A Perfect Dress

Jul 4, 2018

We hear youve found your wedding dress.  Congratulations! We bet its the most beautiful gown, perfect for the vision you have of your big day. It probably looked great in the store, and you have half a dozen photos from every direction. The train, the bodice, the beads, and the lace! Ooh la la! But will it fit like you’ve dreamed? Yes! … With alterations. If you’re a K&B bride, and we so hope you are, we schedule a whole hour dress preview appointment for you to try on your wedding dress. Check out the whole blog post on that here! Thats your time to come in and feel beautiful in your brand new gown, pick out jewelry and veils, and basically celebrate your wedding! Its also the time for you to talk about alterations. If you’re still looking for your perfect wedding dress, book your personal bridal appointment here! Wedding gowns are cut for the extremes among us, those magical gazelles who stand six feet tall and have a ten inch differential between their bust and waist. Okay, kidding! … kinda. The truth of the matter is, almost every bride needs some alteration to her gown to give it that gorgeous bespoke feel. Many seamstresses want to start alterations three months out, so that

1. Hemline

This is (almost) the only outfit youll ever wear that is hemmed precisely to what shoes youre going to wear. Uh, so cool! Usually, brides hem their gowns long enough to where you cant see the shoe when you stand but short enough that it kicks out enough that you dont trip over it while walking down the aisle. We’ve seen brides 5’8″ and planning to wear heels who still need their dresses hemmed a little bit. Theyre clearly cutting these gowns for Amazonians. And while Wonder Woman is probably grateful for the fashion options, the rest of us need a good hemming. The biggest thing to remember about your hemline is to bring the shoes youre planning to wear to your wedding. This is also the perfect opportunity to start breaking those babies in, so when the big days arrive you can dance the night away!

2. Bust

When ordering the gown, you and your bridal stylist worked hard to get the correct size by measuring your bust, waist, and hip. Talking through the sizes, were you surprised that your bust was one size and your waist another? Yeah crazy, but it’s pretty common. Usually, it’s a bride’s waist that drives the size. But Im losing weight! We hear you. While we would never advocate that brides should lose weight for their wedding, we know that many women want to look their best for their wedding day, and so they change fitness and diet in the lead up. Doing that sometimes leads to weight loss. Still, the waist measurement also includes your rib-cage. Which means if it’s too tight, you can’t breathe. We like breathing. And sitting, and drinking celebratory champagne, and eating that wonderful dinner you spent so much time planning. Ordering for the waist means the bust is often a little loose and needs to be taken in. Even if it’s not, it usually requires a little tweaking to sit perfectly. Every body is different but everybody’s dress should fit like a glove!

3. Custom

Okay so not a necessary alteration, but one thats so fun! The best part about ordering a gown made for you is that you can make it uniquely yours. Many designers offer custom options when you order, which is a great idea! Martina Liana is particularly great at this! You can also take it to a seamstress after it comes in. That route gives you a little more time to consider what youd like done and allows you to imagine a little more clearly the final product. Another thing you can talk about during your preview appointment! Some custom changes to consider:

  • Add straps to a strapless gown

Often with a strapless gown, bride’s are worried about security. A properly fitted bust will definitely help with that, but for extra support, you can for sure add straps. Straps can give peace of mind, as well as add a bit of extra loveliness to the design.

  • Build up the front

Wedding gowns can be low-cut in the front. Obviously, some people love this, but some people dont. Dont let a few extra inches of skin stop you from getting your dream dress! Bodices can be built up with the fabric of the gown, or even with the design elements. Nobody needs to know it didnt come like that!

  • Put in a corset

This one is great for brides who are planning to lose a bit of weight before the wedding or for brides who have found their dream dress in a sample sale but maybe not in their dream size. A corset back is sophisticated and sexy while allowing for your dress to be cinched to whatever size you happen to be on the wedding day, no stress!

What Alterations Are You Having For Your Wedding Dress?

Let us know in the comments down below! We love to hear new ideas about how our brides have made their wedding gowns uniquely theirs. And if you’re still looking for your perfect wedding gown, book your appointment today!