Three Exclusive Honeymoon Spots For You

Jun 2, 2019

Your wedding is a unique expression of you and your fiances love. Youve found your dress, chosen your food, sent your invitations. With all the run-up and planning that goes into a wedding, its easy to push aside the honeymoon planning.  Shouldnt your honeymoon be equally representative of your love? The plain truth is that many weddings occur during the high season of travel and therefore, many honeymoons as well. The last thing you want is to bring the whole world on your honeymoon. Thats why we have three exclusive honeymoon spots to consider. These places have all the tried and true vibe you’ve looking for, so that you can have the experience without the crowds!

We Have Exclusive Honeymoon Destinations Just For You

At K&B Bridals, we know each and every one of our brides has a unique love story. We think your honeymoon should be unique as you are! That’s why today we’re diving into our favorite off-the-beaten-path spots.

Want that Santorini sunset? Try Naxos

Imagine watching the sun set over the white-washed cliffs of a Greek island. Is there a better place to greet the end of the day with the love of your life? You pick up your camera and snap the perfect shot to remember this moment forever. What none of those pictures show, however, are the hundreds of other people gathered at your elbow, trying to take the exact same shot. Not exactly the best place for an exclusive honeymoon. Don’t despair though! Greece is so much more than Santorini. It has more than 6,000 islands and they’re all delightful. Consider Naxos. Naxos is a little island in the Aegean, and it’s accessible on the same ferry route as Santorini – no extra planning required! It has the same sunset as Oia (that jawdropping gorgeous town in Santorini you’ve seen in every Instagram square). What it doesn’t have? Other honeymooners! If youre looking for something a little more secluded, but still with a lively culture, try Naxos. Stay in the main town of Chora and eat fresh seafood at the port. Or take a boat tour around the island and go snorkeling in the Mediterranean. While Naxoss cities arent so high up as the classic cliffs of Santorini, it still the mountains that make the Oia sunset so sought after. You can also grab an ATV and cruise to the other side of the island, where there are sandy beaches and clear smooth water.  For thousands of years the Greeks believed that the gods had blessed them, and them alone. Spend a few days on Naxos, and you might start to think that they’re right!

What’s better than Paris? Prague

Paris is the honeymoon destination. We know. Late-morning light drifting over the Seine, magical croissants around every corner, kisses in the rain where somehow your mascara never runs … it’s a dream. The reality is – it’s crazy expensive. For a similar vibe, without breaking the bank, try Prague! Prague is what Paris used to be. Bohemian, cultured, and affordable. Like Paris, it has its own lovely river – the Vltava. Stop by for a mid-morning picnic, then hike up Petrin hill to get breathtaking panorama photos. Ready to go shopping?  Prague is home to the prettiest old town in Europe, and unlike most of the continent, they still use their own currency which has a much more forgiving exchange rate than the euro. For the fairy-tale finale on your sightseeing day, head up to the castle on the hill. Its considered one of the best castles on the continent, and one of the only ones thats still occupied by the President of the country. After your long day taking in the sights, try the local beer. It’s literally cheaper than water, and the perfect refreshing cap after a whirlwind time. And dont worry if you cant speak the language. Everyone in Prague speaks English, and theyre way nicer about it than the French! One downside is, its almost impossible to get a direct flight from the states to Prague. Every cloud has a silver lining though – one of the big connectors is Paris, so if you take a long layover there, you can still get your croissant and Eiffel Tower photos without blowing your wedding budget!

Love the beaches of Cancun? Try Isla Holbox

Oh, the beach. Crystal clear waters, long lazy days, and little drinks with umbrellas in them. Whats not to love? Unless of course, you have an issue with spring breakers blasting their speakers from the next cabana. They’re having a good time but … you’re on your honeymoon. If youre interested in the good life of Cancun, but youd prefer a little more privacy, try Isla Holbox. Located a hop, skip, and a jump away from Cancun, Isla Holbox is more hammocks and relaxation than spring break. Its perfect for honeymooners who cant get enough of each other. It has all the stretches of white sand that are a must-do, but it also offers up plenty of activities for the more adventurous. Some of the island is part of the Yum Balam ecological reserve, which boasts lots of shallow lagoons that attract flamingos and other wildlife, so its perfect for the eco-tourist couple. When it comes to an exclusive honeymoon, it can’t get much better than a boutique hotel and snorkeling with whale sharks!  The best part is, since it is right next to Cancun, like a 20 minute ferry away, you can skip back and forth depending on how you feel! Its literally the best of both worlds. Parties and peace in one holiday.

Ready for Your Exclusive Honeymoon?

No matter where you want to go, Kelly Jara at Travelworks International can help. She specializes in romantic travel. Kelly believes that your honeymoon is different from a regular trip. It’s the first trip in your married life. You’ve just planned a whole wedding. Let someone else help out with the honeymoon! If you’re considering one of these destinations not only for your honeymoon, but maybe also for your wedding, check out our post on the top five destination wedding dresses to think about!