The 3 Reasons To Book An Early Appointment For Our Black Friday Sale

Oct 18, 2021

Have you heard the news? Our Black Friday Bridal Sale is happening again this year, this time at BOTH of our K&B Bridals locations (Bel Air and Hagerstown)! The sale will be from November 19-28, 2021.

Today, we’re sharing the top three reasons to book an early appointment during the sale! We don’t mean to book your appointment right now — although that is important, too! This means to book your appointment closer to November 19 rather than close to November 28. Read on to find out why!


Here are the top three reasons to book your appointment near the beginning of our Black Friday sale.


1. You get the largest selection of dresses

The earlier that your appointment is during our sale, the more dresses that you will have to choose from! As more brides come in, more of our dresses that are a part of the sale will go home with them. That means that there will be less dresses for you to choose from! 

If you want to have as many dresses to choose from as possible, we definitely suggest booking your appointment during the first weekend of the sale! If that weekend isn’t possible for you, then we would suggest trying to book your appointment during an early weekday during the sale.

2. You have a chance to receive a gift

Did you know that our first 10 brides who say “yes” to the dress during the Black Friday sale get gifted a bridal robe?! The earlier that your appointment is, the greater chance you have of snagging one of these robes!

Keep in mind that we only give a robe to the brides that are purchasing a dress that day. So, having an earlier appointment does not guarantee you a robe. But the chances are a lot higher!

3. You will be entered into our date night giveaway

Finally, have you heard about our date night giveaway? We announced it on our social media today! 

If you schedule your Black Friday sale appointment at our Bel Air location by November 1st and you’ll be automatically entered to win a $100 gift card to Lib’s Grill, a candle pour experience for 2 at Aroma Candle Studio, and hair styling and makeup from NVS Bridal! What a fun and delicious date night. 

Click the link on this page to book an appointment or give our shop a call at 410-838-1135!