Sparklers 101: How To Create Your Perfect Sparkler Wedding Sendoff

Jun 26, 2019

Your wedding is a party that you never want to end. If it has to, though, let it be with sparklers and all your friends and family! Your exit will be memorable, your pictures will be fabulous and everyone will have a great time lighting sparklers! Today were talking about how to create the perfect sparkler wedding sendoff, one that all your guests will remember and that will light up your wedding photos for the rest of your lives together. 

What Is A Wedding Sendoff?

Lets start at the very beginning *starts humming the Sound of Music* What exactly is a wedding send off? Its the end of the reception! Its when you and your new spouse leave to start your married life together (or fall into bed because its been such a busy day). Typically, these are arranged at the grand entrance of your ceremony or reception venue and guests are given confetti or rice to throw in celebration of your exit. Another popular option, and one that makes for some stunning photos – sparklers!

Choose Your Location

Sparklers are fire, which is awesome, but also can be a safety concern for some venues. Its important to check before you arrive and make sure that its okay to have sparklers on the property and if theres a designated area where you should do your sendoff. If you can, choose an open area, like a field to shoot photos that wont have any distractions in them and is conscious of safety! Still looking for your dress? Schedule your appointment at K&B Bridals! Wed love to help you find your dream gown!

Coordinate the Guests

Getting all the guests in one place is a big job. Ideally, this should be someone elses job! You have enough to worry about on your big day. Your wedding day-of coordinator, a bridesmaid, groomsmen or someone you trust can be in charge of getting the crowd together at the right time. They can also hand out the wedding sparklers. To create the best photos, people usually line up in two rows, so having someone on hand to make sure there are actually two rows is helpful. Even if you dont have a designated point-person for sparklers, people tend to follow the crowds so if you have one or two ambitious guests to lead the way, it should work out wonderfully!

Light The Sparklers

Heres where timing becomes important. You want to get all the sparklers lit at the same time for maximum sparkle. There are a couple of things to consider. Lighters are better than matches for lighting, and no wind is better than wind. Of course, nothing is perfect and if youre facing windy conditions on your wedding day, thinking ahead is important! Have a station indoors or out of the wind to light sparklers so that people can show up with their sparklers already lit. Or you can have a designated lighter who lights other peoples sparklers from their own. Thats a fun way to include everyone and light sparklers with a minimum of fuss!

Always Be Safe

Sparklers are designed to be safe, but they are fire so safety is important. Know where the fire extinguisher is! Maid of honors have a lot of jobs, so maybe put someone else in charge of first aid if necessary. Basically, just be careful and let everyone involved in the wedding that there will be sparklers involved ahead of time.

Take Some Photos

This is a perfect moment! Make sure you get some photos of it! Let your wedding photographer know ahead of time about the wedding timeline and where you plan to exit so that she can scope it out for the best angles. Then, take your time as youre leaving. Strike a pose! We love these photos, where Jillian and Sean are dancing in their sparkler sendoff. How cute!

Send Us Pictures of Your Sparkler Wedding Sendoff

We love to see pictures of our brides! Sparkler photos are so wonderful! The photos in this post were generously provided by Alicia Wiley Photography and they are of K&B bride Jillian. Her winter wedding was absolutely gorgeous and you can see all the pictures here! Wed love to see photos of your sparkler sendoff from your wedding! Thanks for reading our blog post! Don’t forget to schedule your appointment to find your dream wedding dress before you go!