Sneak A Peek At The Big Day With Your Personal Gown Preview!

Jun 15, 2018

After hours and days and weeks of waiting, your wedding dress has arrived! After it comes in, we check it into our system and look it over to make sure it has arrived in pristine condition. Then a stylist will call, text, and email you to let you know the exciting news. Once you get the call, its time to set up your personal gown preview! What is that exactly? Its an appointment just for you to try on your actual wedding gown rather than the sample. Here are the top five things you need to know when you come in to pick up your beautiful wedding dress.

Book a weekday appointment for your gown preview

When your dress comes in, a stylist checks it over for any larger issues, but there are sometimes more subtle concerns that we cant see until you put the dress on. Not that theres usually a problem, but these dresses are cut to order and made by hand so there can be minor differences from dress to dress. Part of the appointment is for double-checking that the dress fits as we anticipated when we order. Our designers are closed on the weekends, and if needed, we want to talk to someone ASAP, so we ask that you take a little time out of your busy schedule and come in on a weekday. Bonus: the shop is usually much quieter on weekdays, so youll be able to really take in the gorgeousness of your gown!

Bring everything you want to wear with your wedding dress

This is YOUR dress. The one you’ll wear down the aisle to marry the love of your life. If you already have your shoes or undergarments you know youre wearing, please bring those along! They definitely arent required, however. Its just for you to get the best idea of how youll look on your big day. It can be a big moment putting your dress on for the first time. To that end, you can come in wearing your hair up/down/halfsies if you know how youll be wearing it on your day. No matter what you bring, remember that youre going to be looking in the mirror for much of this appointment, so dress to feel your best!

Remember that this is dress stage one. It might not fit like the designer promo pics

The dresses that you see online are pulled and tucked and clipped onto the model to get the best fit. Even when you came in and tried the sample on, your stylist hiked it in a little remember? We are not going to do that to your dress. It might give you a momentary idea of how it will fit post-alterations, but its not worth stretching out your gorgeous brand new wedding dress! Its incredibly common for wedding gowns to need a little bit of taking in to make them look runway ready. If you have any concerns with the fit, or you want to go over a custom change youre thinking about, then your stylist will be happy to chat with you. She can also refer you to one of K&Bs trusted seamstresses for those final finishing touches.

Time to accessorize!

Now that youre wearing your dress, its easier than ever to envision your wedding day. But we wont stop there. Now is your time to try on all the wedding accessories a bride might need on her big day. We have veils, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and hair pieces. One of our Be More Inspired partners Faye Daniel Designs also does custom jewelry. She is happy to meet with you to create a unique piece for you. Its hard to get the whole bridal squad together all the time, but we will be going over veils and accessories in this appointment, so if you want a second opinion bring one! We find Mom is always a safe bet for oohs, ahhs, and applause. Take some time with your stylist to brainstorm what you’re imagining. She might have some good suggestions for you to tie your whole look together.  If you have something you’re thinking of wearing-mom’s veil, grandma’s necklace- bring it in! We love to see how our brides make their wedding dress truly their own.

Lastly, your remaining balance (if any) is due before you can take your gorgeous wedding dress home with you

Before you can take your dress home and try it on as often as your heart desires, the remaining balance is due. If you know that somebody else is taking care of that, invite that person to your appointment! They’ll love to be included in the gown preview excitement. Plus, you probably want to take your wonderful wedding dress home as soon as you can.


You have the wedding dress you’ve always wanted, and an idea of how to style it. Now it’s time to start the alterations and make it fit like it was tailored to you. Which it will be! If you’re still looking for your dream dress, check out this post on our new Lillian West gowns. They’re to die for! Or if you’re waiting for the gown preview call (so exciting!) plan a different piece of the big day with this post on signature cocktails.