Seventies Bridal Trends To Make Boho Brides Happy

Apr 18, 2017

Who else feels butterflies when they see wedding gowns that channel the freedom, comfort, and originality of the seventies? Of all the iconic fashion moments throughout the decades, the biggest list of trends seems to come from the seventiesflutter sleeves, plunging necklines, flowing skirts, crocheted lace…all of which make boho brides memorable and unique. From Diane von Furstenberg’s iconic creation of the wrap dress to looks inspired by Jane Birkin’s fitted crochet white dress, the styles that made the seventies such a trend-setting decade are coming back around to modern-day designers. In many styles from our designers this season, weve noticed quite a few dresses inspired by seventies fashion. From flowing silhouettes to intricate sleeves, our designers have incorporated timeless style elements from the Woodstock era to give boho brides more iconic looks to choose from.

Flutter Sleeves

The flutter sleeve trend is still young but works as a great style feature for brides who want a unique design that makes their dress look airy and bohemian.

Loose-fitting and flowing skirts

The seventies are marked with loose-fitting skirts, peasant tops, and generally light and airy clothing. Weve noticed designers using flowing silhouettes and fabrics for new styles this year.

Crocheted Lace

Guipure lace, a crocheted lace that has a bolder look than traditional lace, has shown up in many recent styles. Guipure lace makes bridal gowns more outdoor-friendly and brings to mind a boho bride vibe thats very seventies-inspired.

Plunging Necklines

A huge trend this year is the plunging neckline. Straps and sleeves let brides try more V-neck styles while shopping after a decade of strapless being the go-to neckline. V-neck styles often use deeper cuts, which echo the plunging neckline styles of the seventies.

Less Traditional Style Choices

 Doesn’t this ensemble remind you of Bianca Jagger’s famous wedding skirt and jacket? The seventies broke away from traditional bridal styles and moved closer to unconventional separates and more casual dress options. Over the past few years, designers have taken the “no rules” concept and made more color options for brides, created more separates options, and taken more risks with their styles. Individuality means more than tradition for a lot of modern brides these days. Looking for a seventies-inspired gown? Let us know! We have plenty of options in-store to help you achieve that quintessential seventies bridal look. And, don’t forget to check out our designers to find some ideas for your perfect bridal look!