Postponed Wedding: Wearing Your Wedding Dress In A Different Season

Jul 13, 2020

When you said yes to the dress, chances are that you chose that dress with your specific wedding date and season in mind. If you had to make the difficult decision to postpone your wedding, you might be wondering if your wedding dress will work in a different season. Thankfully, a postponed wedding does not mean that you need a new dress! Instead, you may choose to make a few tweaks.


Here are some tips for each season of your postponed wedding. Keep in mind that these are just suggestions, meant to spark some ideas there are no “rules” on what you have to wear!

Summer to winter

Transitioning your wedding dress from summer to winter for a postponed wedding is probably the easiest fix. Do you now have the chance of snow for your wedding? Or maybe extreme temperatures? One option is to check with a seamstress to see if sleeves can be added to your dress. Or, you can check with your bridal shop to see if they offer boleros. Another option is to wear a jacket. Bridal jackets are a really fun look for a winter wedding! This can be a personalized leather or denim jacket, or a lace bomber-style. If you are nervous that the fabric of your dress will be too light for winter, check with your seamstress about adding a slip layer underneath. However, keep in mind that you’ll most likely be inside for the duration of the wedding you don’t want to get too hot! For this reason, we most recommend a jacket or lace sleeves.

Winter to summer

Less is more when you’re transitioning from a winter wedding to a summer wedding! Did you originally opt for long sleeves for your winter wedding? You can check with your seamstress about removing them to have straps instead. If you don’t want to get rid of the sleeves entirely, you can see about making them detachable! Don’t forget about accessories, too. For jewelry and headpieces, we recommend keeping things light and airy so that you don’t have too much weight to worry about. For shoes, we recommend something strappy and open such as sandals or wedges especially for an outdoor ceremony!

Fall wedding

We love detachable sleeves for fall weddings! These can be added to most styles, but we most recommend adding them to a strapless dress. The best part about detachable sleeves is that they are so versatile. Removable sleeves for an early fall wedding can help ensure that you don’t get too hot. Sleeves for a late fall wedding are excellent for some extra coverage to keep you warm while temperatures start to drop especially late in the day!

Spring wedding

Spring weddings are a little tricky when it comes to predicting the weather. Depending on where you live, and what point throughout spring your wedding is in… it could be snowing, sunny, raining, cold, or warm. The possibilities are endless and it’s really challenging to predict how it will be more than a couple of weeks out. It’s best to be prepared for anything! This might include detachable sleeves, arm cuffs, or a jacket.

Additional tips

You can’t forget about the veil! If you’re getting married in cold-weather, then a heavier, beaded veil is an excellent option. Summer and spring brides tend to opt for 3D florals or a raw edge. Veils with glitter tulle look great in any season especially winter! If you are a K&B bride and want some more specific advice regarding your dress, you are welcome to contact us! We are more than happy to help. Keep in mind that when it comes down to it… anything goes! You’re the bride and you can truly wear whatever you want. This is a guide to help you out if you are stuck, but there aren’t really any “rules”! We hope this blog helped you spark some ideas, at the very least. Best of luck! Featured Image Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash