Popular Wedding Trends for 2022

Dec 20, 2021

Can you believe that it’s already 2022?! This year has just flown by. 

If you haven’t heard, 2022 is expected to be the largest wedding years in decades! With that means that there are going to be a lot of new trends popping up. TOday, we’re here to discuss them with you!

10 Upcoming Wedding Trends for 2022

Thanks to Brides.comVogue.comMarthaStewart.com, and SouthernLiving.com, here are 10 wedding trends that we think will be popular in 2022!

1. Large events

Now that weddings are back in full force, a lot of couples are choosing to host grand, massive events for their wedding. Some are even choosing to make an entire weekend out of it! This could include a welcome party the day before the wedding, an after party after the reception, and brunch the morning after. 

After a long time of wedding postponements and smaller affairs, a lot of people are ready for a huge event where they get to party!

2. Intimate affairs

Although there are a lot of couples choosing to host a large wedding, there are also a lot who fell in love with the idea of a more intimate wedding. Scaling back your guest list and choosing a smaller, cozy wedding can be the perfect vibe for some couples! 

Even if you don’t want to scale back your guest count, there are ways to make your wedding feel more intimate. You can create cozy lounge areas in your reception, for example. We think that this will be super popular next year!

3. Destination weddings

With that being said, a lot more couples are starting to plan destination weddings! With a scaled-down guest list, these can be a lot easier to plan. 

Besides, a destination wedding doesn’t necessarily have to be to another country! It can even be in your own state. You can have a cozy weekend at the cabins in the mountains, elope to Disney with some of your closest loved ones, say your vows in front of a national landmark in DC… the possibilities are endless!

With less travel restrictions, destination weddings are back in full force.

4. Bold colors

Gone are the days of muted colors and neutrals! (Ok, not really… those will always be in style!)

However, bold and vibrant colors are becoming very popular. As you may already know, “dopamine dressing” is already a trend in the fashion world. So, many experts are predicting that this trends is about to extend to the wedding industry!

In case you’ve never heard of it, dopamine dressing is “the theory that wearing certain colors can elevate your mood.” These colors are typically fun, bright, and vibrant! Well, why shouldn’t this extend to weddings? We think that it would make the day so much fun!

5. More entertainment

Going along with the idea that couples are making their weddings more grand than ever before, a lot of couples are finding more unique entertainment options for their guests to enjoy! This includes varied music choices, a live painter, an interactive photo booth, and more!

6. Letting go of traditions

Going along with that, while couples are choosing more unique entertainment options for their wedding, they are also getting rid of some of the decades-long traditions that are typically found at weddings. This includes the bouquet toss, garter pull, and even formal reception intros. Many couples are saying goodbye to these traditions to put the focus more on their guests and what they want to do for their wedding.

7. Pre-wedding toasts

Another tradition that a lot of couples are saying goodbye to are the long toasts during the reception. Instead, people are moving these toasts to some of the pre-wedding festivities, This way, you can put more of the focus on the guests at your reception — and the toasts can feel more intimate with less people around!

8. Hanging floral installations

There is a recent growing demand for hanging florals and larger floral installations! These are typically suspended above the tables or even go from the floor to the ceiling. They are an amazing statement piece for your reception!

9. Open air tents

Even as things get back to normal, some people are no longer comfortable with having a large gathering in an enclosed space. Because of this, we expect to see open-air tents (with no walls) become more popular throughout 2022! In case of inclement weather, the rental company or venue can likely offer you a back-up solution.

10. Cake is back

Finally, cake is making a comeback this year! Throughout recent years, other dessert options like cupcakes, ice cream, pies, etc. have been more popular than cake. Now, we are starting to see large, over-the-top, tiered cakes again! This is in part thanks to celebrity weddings, such as Gwen Stefani’s and Blake Shelton’s this past year.

Remember: just because something is trending in the wedding world does not mean that you have to participate in the trend! While some of these can be good starting points to get ideas rolling, your wedding day should be everything that you as a couple want it to be — regardless of trends or traditions.