Mother Of The Bride Dress Shopping: Our Essential Tips

Mar 30, 2020

Wedding attire is one of the most important aspects of a wedding day. That doesn’t just mean the bride’s dress and the bridal party mother of the bride dress shopping is just as important! After all, the mother of the bride and groom are typically in a lot of photographs throughout the wedding day. The mothers will also be on their feet all day long, so it’s crucial to feel comfortable. Check out our top tips to make sure that you absolutely love your mother of the bride (or groom) dress!


Once you’re ready to start your mother of the bride dress shopping, there are a lot of tips that you might want to think about before going. Here are our top eight tips!

1. Start Early

It’s a good idea to start the mother of the bride dress shopping about six to eight months before the wedding. This will give your mom plenty of time before the wedding to find a dress that she loves, schedule fittings for alterations, and coordinate with the bride and bridal party!

2. Start the Conversation

Your mom most likely already knows a lot of details about your wedding. She may be financially involved or your go-to person to ask for planning advice. But before starting your mother of the bride dress shopping, you should talk to your mom about the specific vision for your wedding day. This includes the style you’re going for, how formal it will be, and your color palette. Pictures can be a huge help, so show her some pictures that you already have pinned on Pinterest! This can help her get started in the right direction.

3. Consider the Style

Now that your mom knows more about the style that you want for your wedding, this is something that your mom should consider. Your mom won’t want to upstage you, but she also doesn’t need to dress too conservative or frumpy. There are a lot of options out there that can give her a glamorous style without being too over the top. Do you and your mom have a different vision about the style of dress that she’s going to wear? Have an honest conversation about it and try to find a compromise! Even though it’s your day, it’s special for her, too, and she should feel comfortable with what she’s wearing.

4. Think About Color

Some brides prefer for both moms to wear a color in their wedding palette, while others prefer them to match the bridal party exactly. However, there is no set rule stating that dresses need to coordinate. The number one thing that you’ll want to keep in mind is for the dress to complement (not clash with) the overall hue of the wedding. Colors that tend to work well for mother wedding dresses are:

  • Navy
  • Blush
  • Metallics
  • Chocolate brown
  • Jewel tones

Traditionally, colors that mothers of the bride and groom tend to stay away from are:

  • White, champagne, or ivory (too close to the bride’s dress)
  • Red (or similarly “flashy” colors)
  • Black (can suggest mourning)

But, keep in mind that these traditions have shifted! There are plenty of weddings out there where the mother has worn all of the above colors and looked gorgeous. Just let your mom know what your thoughts are.

5. Coordinate With the Mother of the Groom

This may be a little old-fashioned, but the mother of the bride traditionally chooses her outfit first. This sets the tone for what the mother of the groom will wear. It doesn’t really matter who buys their dress first, though. The most important part is that both women are comfortable and happy with what they will be wearing! Keep in mind that your mother and mother-in-law don’t have to match, but make sure they don’t clash with each other. Try to have a conversation with both of them together about necklines, lengths, sleeves, color, and style preferences. If your mother and mother-in-law know each other well, they can go shopping together! They will be able to offer style advice to each other and make sure that their outfits coordinate well. If you find that they want to wear the same color, you can choose different shades of the hue for an easy compromise.

6. Remember Logistics

Logistics of the wedding day will have an affect on your mother’s outfit choice, just like they did on your dress. The time of day, season, and setting will all be factors in what your mother will be wearing. Keep these in mind as she chooses what dress to wear!

7. Keep Your Daughter’s Requests in Mind

This tip is for the mother of the bride! Try not to ignore your daughter’s requests for what she wants you to wear. It is her wedding day, after all! You do have every right to say that there are certain things that you don’t want to wear, such as a sleeveless dress or a color that washes you out. Just try to hear out the bride’s requests and compromise so that you can both be happy. If you’re on the fence about certain styles or colors, try them on anyway! Chances are, you’ll either be surprised and love it, or she’ll see why a strapless dress just won’t work on you. At the end of the day, your daughter is going to want you to love your dress and feel comfortable in it.

8. Don’t Just Ask For Mother of the Bride Dresses

If you seem to be striking out with all of the options given to you, try asking to look at formal gowns rather than “mother of the bride” dresses. You might get a chance to look at a whole other collection of dresses that are more in tune with the style that you’re looking for! If you’re in the Maryland area, check out K&B Bridals in downtown Bel Air. We have a wide variety of mother of the bride and groom dresses, and you are more than welcome to look at our collection of bridesmaid dresses! Plenty of mothers have found their dresses from both options! We’d love to help you find the dress that you’re looking for. Click here to book an appointment!