Modern Tuxedo Trends For Our 2017 Grooms And Groomsmen

Apr 20, 2017

When thinking about wedding attire, brides often start the process with finding their dress, with bridesmaids not too far behind. Somehow, tuxedos and menswear seem to stay close to the bottom of the checklist, even now that there are more tux styles available than ever before! Soon-to-be newlyweds should start shopping around early for styles they love, and there are many new tuxedo trends to sort through. Here are our top six trends from our tuxedo designers that have been most popular among this year’s grooms and groomsmen.


(Even) Slimmer Tuxedo Fit
Tuxedo designers have offered slim fit for several years, and now they’ve released an even slimmer option: Ultra Slim. What makes a tuxedo Ultra Slim? The tuxedo fits close to the body, with the jacket tapered and slightly shorter than traditional, modern, and slim looks (check out our tuxedo fit reference in our post Four Questions to Ask During Your Tux Rental Fitting). Guys looking for a trendy, fashion-forward rental that looks closer to a tailored appearance should search for styles that come in Ultra Slim fit. Find this tux >>
The Two-Toned Jacket
With the rise of different colors and textures for tuxedo ensembles, the two-tone look is gaining popularity. Two-tone tuxedos generally feature the black lapel over top of a colored jacket and pant. For a modern spin on a tuxedo, look for a style with a different colored lapel. Find this tux >>
Bow Ties!
If you hadn’t noticed, all of the tuxedos in this list feature bow ties instead of the classic Windsor tie. That’s because bow ties are quickly becoming the preferred neckwear among grooms and groomsmen. To keep the look classic, pair a black bow tie with a tuxedo, or if you want a more fun and casual vibe, wear a bow tie with a fun pattern or color. Find this tux >>
Shawl Lapel Style for Jackets
There are many different styles of lapel for tuxedos, but this year the shawl lapel seems to be gaining in popularity. Slim and solid throughout the collar, the main feature of the shawl lapel is the lack of a notch or peak. The slimmer shawl lapel is a more modern, trendy look and works well with two-tone tuxedos like the one pictured above, and tuxedos with slimmer cuts. Find this tux >>
Cobalt Blue Tuxedos
One of the biggest trends we’ve seen from our grooms and groomsmen this year has been an interest in different color options other than the traditional black. Cobalt is one of the most popular options that has taken off quickly and works as a fresh evening-friendly style. Find this tux >>
Plaid or Checked Styles
Following along in the footsteps of the colored tuxedo trend, checked and plaid styles are also gaining in popularity. You can pair a plaid tuxedo with cognac oxfords for a classic daytime style. Find this tux >>

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