Maryland Bridal Boutique Provides Gown Bags For Face Mask Donations

Apr 3, 2020

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has affected the entire world. The wedding industry is certainly no exception to that! As I’m sure you know by now, non-essential businesses in Maryland have been shut down. This has had a huge effect on small businesses across the state! Here at K&B, we’ve done our best to continue being there for our brides. We are doing this through virtual appointments and providing some other services online. In addition to being there for our brides, we also know the importance of giving back to our community as a whole. We are doing this through face mask donations!


You might be asking, how can a bridal shop possibly be able to make face mask donations? Well, we found out that our gown bags are made from a material that works well to be used as face masks for medical professionals! As you know, face masks are in short supply right now for local hospitals. This means that many medical professionals having to re-use masks that are meant to be used once. We have donated some of our gown bags to local seamstresses. They are currently in the process of making 1,000 face masks from them. Many others have been calling and emailing asking if they can help make face masks! Bridget Moore, K&B’s owner, immediately started reaching out for volunteers to help turn this into a reality. “We were on a virtual group call with shop owners across the country and heard that our bags were the proper fabric for the much-needed masks. I immediately went to social media and started asking who was making masks. Several local seamstresses who work with our brides jumped on it and are working hard to make masks for our local medical community. Two other business owners in our building have immediate family working in local hospitals and told us about the need and we wanted to jump in and help, says Moore. Just one of our bags is yielding about 50 masks!