How To Shop Our Black Friday Bridal Sale

Oct 25, 2021

Have you heard about our Black Friday Bridal Sale yet?! This is our biggest sale of the year, where our ready-to-wear bridal gowns are up to 80% off! And this year it will be taking place at BOTH of our locations: here at Bel Air and at our new Hagerstown location!

This year’s sale will be November 19-28, 2021. Gowns will be up to 80% off, and we have some other special perks going on, too! To find out more information about the sale, click here.

Tips For Shopping Our Black Friday Bridal Sale

Here are some of our top tips to keep in mind if you are considering shopping with us during our Black Friday Bridal Sale!

Book your appointment ASAP

Our Black Friday sale is always the busiest sale of the year for our shop! Because of that, it books up weeks in advance. So we suggest booking your appointment super early!

Plus, all of our brides who book an appointment for the sale by November 1, 2021 are automatically entered into our Date Night Giveaway! The giveaway consists of: a candle pouring session for 2 to Aroma Candle Studio, a $100 gift card to Lib’s Grill, and makeup and hair styling from NVS Bridal! The winner will receive their prize after our sale is over, to ensure that she has had her bridal appointment.

To book your appointment with our Bel Air location, you can click here or give our shop a call at 410-838-1135. To book your appointment with our Hagerstown location, you can click here or give our shop a call at 301-665-1070.

Book an appointment early in the sale

With that being said, we suggest booking an appointment as early during the sale as you possibly can. The earlier that your appointment is, the more dresses there will be to choose from! 

Plus, the first 10 brides who say “yes” to the dress during the sale will receive a free bridal robe! If your appointment is early during the sale, you will have a higher chance of receiving one.

Have an idea of what you’re looking for

A sample sale isn’t necessarily the best time to get a feel for what you’re looking for in a dress. Although your ideas might change once you start trying on dresses, we really recommend having some sort of idea of what you’re looking for in a dress before you come to your appointment! This could be the color that you want (pure white, ivory, black), a silhouette that you have in mind (ballgown vs. fitted vs. A-line), or just certain details that you love or hate (plunging necklines, strapless, sleeves).

Because our sale consists of ready-to-wear gowns that you bring home with you that day, we don’t want you second guessing your decision!

Have a budget in mind

Although these dresses come at a steep discount, you should still come to your appointment with some sort of budget in mind. This will prevent you from trying on a dress that is above the price range that you’re willing to spend and falling in love with it!

Schedule a pre-shop appointment

When you book a bridal appointment with us, we will reach out to you to schedule a pre-shop appointment with us. We do this with all of our bridal appointments — not just during the sale! This is a Zoom or phone call that we will schedule with you to chat with a stylist about your wedding and what you are looking for in a dress. This way, we can get a better idea of what you want in a dress, and can even pull some dresses for you to try on to be ready in your dressing room when you arrive!

This pre-shop appointment is especially important during our sale. Because these are ready-to-wear gowns that you will be bringing home with you, it’s so important to us that we get a better feel of what you’re looking for in a dress before you even arrive! 

Follow us on social media

No, this isn’t just a plug to get us more followers! We really do recommend following us on Instagram if you are going to be shopping our sale. In the 30 days leading up to the sale, we are going to be posting some of the dresses that will be a part of our sale! You’ll be able to see some of the dresses that we’ll have, as well as the price that they will be. Click here to follow us!

Bring your loved ones to your appointment

Some people come to a sale just to get an idea of what dresses they like and don’t like. While there isn’t anything wrong with that, you’d be surprised at the number of brides who come in to do this and end up finding their dream dress! We don’t want this to happen to you without your closest loved ones at your appointment — so bring them just in case!

Be ready to say “yes!”

Finally, similar to the point above, be ready to say “yes!” to the dress. So many brides find their wedding dress at the first bridal appointment. If you decide to leave after your appointment to think about your decision, we cannot guarantee that the dress will still be here when you come back to purchase it. So, we really suggest being prepared for that special moment of saying “yes!”