How To Re-Wear Your Old Bridesmaid Dress Like A Boss

Jul 4, 2018

When talking about old bridesmaid dresses, weve all heard the joke: You can just shorten it and wear it again! But is there something to it? After all, you paid for that dress. You should wear it as often as you can! Bridesmaid dresses are super cute nowadays. Sorella Vita has some particularly awesome ones. (Were also huge proponents of wearing your wedding dress after your wedding. Eat some pizza a la Friends or do brunch-in-gowns with all your married girlfriends.) Youll be amazed at how much less bridesmaidy a dress looks when youre not standing next to four other girls wearing the same or similar gowns. Here are some fun ways to rewear an old bridesmaid dress.

Put a Cropped Sweater Over it

Make your bridesmaid dress more casual with a chunky knit and take that maxi skirt out on the town with a pair of gladiator sandals for date night. Or achieve a similar effect with a denim jacket. Every outfit looks good with a box of movie theater popcorn!

Wear it to a Wedding

Bring it back out for another wedding. After all, you know it’s wedding-appropriate! You will get so many compliments from mutual friends when they recognize the dress. Such a clever idea! Of course, you will also get compliments on the gown itself, because girl you look stunning in it.

Okay But Seriously Cut it Off

Not loving the floor-length vibe? Take it to the tailor. Cut it to the knee for a tea-party style. The slightly-more-formal style of many bridesmaid dresses means it will look perfect for a girly afternoon of tea. Or take it up higher for a little more daring look. Those floaty fabrics look lovely in the summer, no matter where you are.

DIY or Donate it

Is it really quite hideous? Or maybe its not but its not your style. Turn it into a for-real skirt, or make some dorm window decorations for your sister. If DIY isn’t your speed, donate to a worthy charity. Yes, youre not re-wearing it, but at least someone is!

Wear it on a Cruise

Cruises always have fancy dress nights! Bridesmaid dresses are often made of floaty chiffon that would look lovely out on the open sea. Never been on a cruise? Now is your chance! After all, that dress needs another night out on the town.

How Will You Re-Wear Your Old Bridesmaid Dress?

What are some other ways youve re-worn an old bridesmaid dress? Looking for a bridesmaid dress for another wedding? Or your wedding? Read all about why you need a professional bridesmaid stylist.