How To Make Your Wedding More Eco Friendly

May 15, 2019

Everybody can do a little bit to contribute to the health of our wonderful planet! Planning a wedding can be a big endeavor and cheers to you for considering how to plan an eco-friendly wedding on top of all the other logistics weddings require. Were here to make it easier. We have some great ideas for you!

Hand Out Eco Friendly Confetti

Once upon a time birdseed was thrown at weddings as the bride and groom left. Lets get back to this wonderful tradition and make weddings more eco-friendly! Sure, plastic confetti looks nice, but its impossible to clean up. Luckily, there are tons of eco-friendly options so that your wedding pictures will be utterly fabulous. A not at all complete list includes – bubbles, flower petals, birdseed, fresh leaves and lovely scented herbs. Depending on your wedding style, any one of these options is the perfect finishing touch!

Try On A Modern Wedding Dress

Lillian West is the epitome of modern wedding dresses. These gowns often have less fabric than traditional wedding dresses so they are more comfortable and use less physical resources. The gown pictured is a stunning example from the newest collection! “Whimsical, sexy & effortless define the 2019 collection. This season includes styles for every bride. Sensual for the free spirit; Avant-Garde styling for the fashion trailblazer; and chic silhouettes for the effortlessly chic bride.” – Lillian West  Were having a Lillian West trunk show May 17th to 26th for you to try on these exquisite gowns. Join us to shop several of the newest Lillian West dresses here for one week only.Save 10% Off Your Dress & Free Shipping Exclusively For This Event!

Send Recycled Paper Invitations

Recycled paper is so cute! It has rough edges which add a lovely boho touch to your wedding invites. Ordering recycled paper is just as easy as ordering regular invitations – you can either talk to your supplier or go the DIY route and purchase recycled paper to print your own designs. That way youre in control of the production cycle.  Is there recycled printer ink out there? Another way to put together completely eco-friendly wedding invitations is to create wedding invitations from old papers that the two of you have collected over your relationship. Maybe you and your fiance have tons of concert posters that you went to together in college and youre looking to give them a second life. Make them borders of your wedding invites! Not only are they totally unique wedding invites, but its a fun craft to do together!

Request Memories From Your Guests, Not Gifts

More and more couples are getting married later in life, so its not as necessary to ask for all the starter stuff at a wedding like pots and pans. Instead of creating a registry full of things that you dont really need, ask your guests to contribute to a honeymoon fund so that you and your spouse can start your marriage with honeymoon fun! Another way you can ask your guests to contribute is to ask for pledges to your favorite charity. Youre having a party with all the people that you love and you know that there is a little more good in the world. Double win!

Ask Your Florist About Local Flowers

Local flowers are so underrated as a gorgeous touch for any boho style wedding. Bonus – theyre also often cheaper! Theyll last longer because theyre from right around the corner. And youre supporting your local small business by selecting blooms that are readily available and make for wonderful centerpieces and bouquets. Our in-house partner Blush Floral Design Studio loves to meet with brides and make their wedding visions come true!

How Will You Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly?

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