How To Know You’ve Found Your Dream Wedding Dress

May 27, 2018

Youre going to try on many wedding dresses on the journey to your wedding dress. Some of them will be beautiful lace confections that make you feel like a princess. Some youll want to take off immediately and never lay eyes on again. Thats okay. Every dress you try on is important because it teaches you something. You want to try on dresses that you think are pretty, but theyre not for you. You want to try on dresses that you dont think are so pretty. With every dress you try on, you learn something. However, how do you know when you’re done learning? How do you know you’re wearing your dress?

You Never Want to Take It Off

Youre standing in front of the mirror. Maybe you have a veil or a headpiece in your hair. Everyone is sitting behind you, waiting for your opinion. You know youre going to have to go back in the dressing room and change back into your regular clothes, and for some reason, you just cant bear the thought of getting out of this dress. Thats a great sign! Your dream dress should make you feel beautiful and confident. It should feel like you.

Somebody Cries

We have to talk about this one, because with the rise of Say Yes to the Dress, it’s easy to think that you haven’t found your wedding dress until you cry, your mom cries, and the people veil-shopping across the store cry. I am here to tell you: it is okay not to cry. It’s okay to realize that your dress has everything you want and everyone agrees that it’s the most beautiful one, but no one cries. That wedding dress that makes you feel like a million bucks but still fits in your budget can be your wedding dress, no tears necessary! On the flip side, it’s okay to cry! It’s a big emotional moment in your wedding journey. Sometimes people cry. But don’t feel the need to require it from your dress or your party, especially if you’re not a particularly emotional person in real life.

You Can Imagine Yourself Walking Down the Aisle

Often, brides have no trouble narrowing their top choices to two dresses. But then they cant decide between those two. Usually, those two dresses are different ends of the spectrum. For example, one might be a tight-fitted sparkly glam gown while the other one is a light A-line with 3D flowers around the waist. Theyre both gorgeous. You feel great in both. They both feel like you, just different aspects of you. Then the question is: how do you want to feel on your wedding day? Do you want to feel glam? Or romantic? Youre going to look fantastic in either one. How do you want to feel? Take a moment in front of the mirror and imagine yourself walking down the aisle. Which one are you wearing?

Are You Ready to Find Your Wedding Dress?

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