How To Keep Cool For A Summer Wedding

May 20, 2018

After a particularly rainy April here in Maryland, summer is makings itself felt with attitude in May. Its a good reminder that the summer wedding season is approaching, and as lovely as the barn reception will photograph, it might be … hot. How is a girl to stay cool, gorgeous, and attentive to the loving couple?

Knee-Length Dress

Unfortunately, this one kind of leaves out most brides. However, as a guest, or even bridesmaid, you can usually wear a shorter length dress. Knee-length is perfect for most weddings, because it can apply to all dress codes, both casual and fancy. I also am a personal fan of a floaty as opposed to a fitted skirt for the summer. Its cute as all get-out, and it doesnt stick to the skin.


When it’s 100 degrees out and muggy, the last thing I want to worry about is falling off of my shoes. For you girls out there with more experience in the heel arena, this might not pose a problem, but if you’re so-so on heels, never fear. The shoe industry has seriously stepped up their flats game for the summer. Pick out a pair of silver or rose-gold sandals. They’re still dressy and you can put more energy into staying cool instead of staying up.

Cold Drinks

Sangria, mojitos, or margaritas. The best cold drinks come from the hottest countries. They’ve had centuries of practice, and they’re a fantastic thing to incorporate into your wedding bar. Put your own twist on the traditional cocktails to incorporate your love story. For instance, this mango-peach sangria is light and sweet. The perfect Happily-Ever-After sangria. Don’t drink? Virgin Mojitos still taste refreshing and light, and the no-alcohol factor means you drink as many as you want without concern.

Fan Accessory

Let’s bring fans back. They’re cute and functional! You can even match them to your dress! Depending on the style, a fan can suggest Old World Europe or that Pura Vida life. Perhaps a wedding favor for a reception out over the water could be little fans with the bride and grooms initials? In August, I think wed all love that.

Feeling Prepared to Attend a Summer Wedding?

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