How To Involve Your Mom In Your Wedding Planning

Mar 6, 2019

When it comes to planning a wedding, some moms want to be there every step of the way, and some moms want to show up on the day and walk down the aisle. It can be tricky to balance how to involve mom in your wedding planning with what you want from the wedding. Shell definitely have an opinion! Here are some great ways to involve mom in your wedding planning journey, while still creating the wedding of your dreams.

Talk Money Up Front

Its no fun, but its something to know. Are your parents planning to help pay for the wedding? Does your mom want to contribute to your dress but expects that you will figure out the rest? Sit down at the beginning of the planning process and make sure that everyone is clear about the expectations of who is paying for what. This will keep feelings from being hurt later down the road, so that you and your family can enjoy the wedding planning journey!

Spend Some Time On Her

Yes, its your big day but moms want to feel glam too! Set aside a dedicated time to take your mom shopping for her dress to wear to your wedding. You get to do some dedicated mom/daughter bonding and she gets a dress for your wedding that you love! Its a total win-win! The perfect time to go shopping is this weekend! Were hosting a Jade and Jade Couture trunk show this weekend, a popular brand of Mom of the bride/groom dresses. Were rolling out the red carpet for moms this weekend (even more than normal!) so shes sure to feel special, and youll both have even more beautiful dresses to choose from!

Details: Jade and Jade Couture Show March 8th-10th. Make your appointment here for a signature experience to find your Mom a fabulous dress and get exclusive trunk show discounts!

Bring Her to Your Dress Appointment

Brides sometimes come in with just their friends and say that theyre not seriously shopping – theyre just doing a preliminary shop before bringing in Mom for approval. We strongly recommend against this! Like with your fiance, you cant decide when you fall in love with your dream dress. Bring Mom to all your appointments, so that she can be there for the say yes-to-the-dress moment, so she and you can celebrate together! Haven’t booked your dress appointment yet? Click here to do that now! At K&B, you’ll have a wonderful experience with your own bridal suite, a dedicated stylist, and celebratory treats!

Ask Her to Plan a Wedding Event

Your maid of honor would probably love a break! If your mom is feeling a bit left out of the wedding planning, have her plan an event. This could be a bridal shower, an afternoon tea for her to show you off to her friends, or a family event celebrating your new engagement. If you and she have different tastes, this can also be an opportunity for her to show off her flair for entertaining. All you have to do is show up!

How Will You Involve Your Mom in Your Wedding Planning?

Its your day, but she raised you! Youre know you’re not a little girl anymore, but she won’t ever think that! Make Mom feel included in your wedding planning journey, and create a dream that you’ll remember for the rest of your life!