How To Get Your Groom Interested In The Wedding Planning

Jun 25, 2019

When you think about planning your wedding, maybe your thoughts go back to dreaming on Pinterest long before you met your fiance. Now that its here, its a day all about celebrating your love together. Doesnt that mean that you should plan it together too? We think so! Maybe your groom isnt super into it though. We have some ideas for you to get your groom interested in your wedding planning journey together!

Create Your Vision Together

Everyone likes to feel included! As the bride, youve probably had Pinterest boards about your wedding for years (and we hear you! Us too!) but your boy might also have big plans about your special day together. Before you even start talking details, or money or any of those things, imagine your vision together. Do you want a small backyard wedding? Do you want a big ballroom that faces the harbor at sunset? Talk about it!

Give Him Control Over His Parts

Your guy might not get into the whole wedding planning journey, but you might be able to interest him in the parts that are his thing. Even if your groom is totally uninterested in the wedding planning, he has to care a little bit about what affects him. Into music? Put him in charge of the DJ. Does he love food? Give him free reign over the menu. And of course, let him take the lead on what hes going to wear. We have a great promo going in the month of June so that you can save a little bit of money. We’re offering 10% off the latest styles of Jim’s Formal Tuxedos for groups booked in June. Maybe you and your fiance can take your savings together to plan a date!

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Show Him How Fun Wedding Planning Is

Cake tasting? Fun! Dance classes? Fun! New clothes? Maybe not fun, but we think fun! Wedding planning can definitely be a lot of work, but its also a lovely time of your life to enjoy. If stationary shops arent your guys jam, you can always plan it in among other events. Make it a date day! Perhaps the new clothes part of wedding planning is only fun for us girls. Have you found your dream wedding dress yet? Wed love to help!

Start A Friendly Competition

If your fiance is absolutely not interested in wedding planning, then play to another aspect of his personality – competition! How many wedding invitations can he stuff in 15 minutes? How much cake can either of you consume at a cake tasting? That one might not be a great idea, but it sounds like a good time!

How Will You Get Your Groom Interested In Wedding Planning?

Let us know in the comments below! We love to hear stories about our brides unique love stories!