How To Find Your Dream Dress At National Bridal Sale Week

Jun 28, 2019

Its that time of year again! Its National Bridal Sale week, where bridal stores around the country come together and offer wedding dresses for less! Were so excited to participate again this year, and we have awesome deals, with dresses starting at 99 dollars. All of our in stock bridal gowns will be on sale, and were here today to talk about how you can find your dream dress at our National Bridal Sale Event.

Details  National Bridal Sale Week runs July 20-27 All in-stock bridal gowns will be on sale! Gowns starting at $99! All inventory up to 40% off!

Book Your Appointment ASAP

National Bridal Sale week is a special event that only happens once a year. Everybody wants a spot! We strongly encourage you to book your appointment early so that you have a chance to find your dream dress at a rock bottom price. Not only do appointment slots go fast, but dresses go fast! The nature of a sample sale is that sometimes theres only one gown of a specific design left and once its gone, its gone. If you can come early in the week, like Monday or Wednesday, youll have more selection to choose from!

Talk to Your Bridal Stylist

When you come in to try on bridal gowns, you may have an idea of what you want, from daydreaming or Pinterest. If you have pictures, wed love to see them! When you come in though, be open to trying on new things that you might not think are for you. Your bridal stylist is there to listen to what you are looking for and to offer recommendations. What she chooses might not be exactly what you pictured, but it might be exactly what you didnt know you were looking for!

Surround Yourself With Positivity 

People make any experience wonderful, and your bridal appointment is no exception. Everything is more fun when people are having fun, so invite people who will lift you up and tell you how beautiful you are! Again, National Bridal Sale week is super fun and you can get a great deal, but make sure that the people who matter are at your appointment so that they can see your wedding dress right away!

Book Your Appointment For National Bridal Sale Week

Its a whole week of wedding dress wonder! July 20 – 27 – You won’t want to miss our National Bridal Sale Event! Weekend appointments usually book up first, but we do have a running wait list in case someone cancels, and were open late Wednesday and Thursday if you can duck out of work! Click here to book your appointment, or call us at 410-838-1135