How To Dress For A Winter Wedding, No Matter The Dress Code

Dec 12, 2018

Hello! Today we are back on the blog to talk about the trickiest wedding guest conundrum – the dress code. Weve done one of these posts previously for summer weddings, but now we are firmly in winter and bound to stay there for a minute or two, so lets talk about how you can still look fabulous but weather appropriate dressing for your upcoming winter weddings!

Casual Attire

More and more weddings are going with a casual dress code, which is awesome because it means you can pull from your closet without too much stress. But what is the difference between casual for everyday and casual for a wedding, and then how do you take your casual attire and make it winter? Lets start with what should be obvious – no jeans. For casual winter weddings we love a cozy sweater dress. Or, if youre feeling thrifty and fashionable, take that dress you wore to all your summer weddings, throw a turtleneck and tights on with it and make it an entirely new outfit! High heeled boots add an extra special (and warm) touch, so even if the wedding is outside in January, youll be all toasty warm.

Cocktail Wear

For those weddings in between all out glam and super casual, you have cocktail attire. If youre like us, youve definitely stared at a wedding invite or two and thought what even is cocktail attire? Dont worry – weve got a definition. Cocktail attire is any dress thats tea length or shorter. For a wedding, especially a winter wedding we wouldnt recommend anything too mini, but depending on your age and style you can go anywhere to above the knee to mid-calf. When in doubt, knee-length is always a safe bet. Then make your cocktail dress festive and winter friendly by breaking out the holiday fabrics. Hello velvet! That fabric is having a major moment right now and we love it. Also, sequins? What other time of year than a New Years Eve wedding can you come decked out entirely in sequins and no one will bat an eye? Just remember the two rules of being a good wedding guest – dont wear white and dont outshine the bride! Otherwise, a winter wedding is a great excuse to break out a luxe dress that usually sits in the back of your closet.

Black Tie Gowns

I bet, since now you know what cocktail wear is (tea-length dresses or shorter) that you can definitely guess what black tie means. Its any gown thats floor length. Right, so that narrows down the options a ton huh? Lets talk about black tie gowns that are perfect for winter weddings. A winter wedding is the perfect excuse to wear sleeves. Yes Ive gone to the gym. No I havent been eating Thanksgiving leftovers in front of the TV for six hours at time. We get it – its cold out! A straight cut dress with statement sleeves not only looks glam, but no one can tell youve been having fun instead of going to the gym. Having fun is better. Its always better. Petite and worried about drowning your frame? There are definitely options that qualify for black tie – high low dresses are so cute, and when theyre made out of satin they shout formal but here for a fun time! Or play with jewel tones and patterns. So many weddings take place in the summer, pastels are practically a staple in every womans wedding wardrobe. This is a chance to try a different color than you usually break out for a wedding. Were in love with burgundy as a staple classic, and royal blue flatters almost every complexion.

Have you got many winter weddings in your future?

We hope youre excited to expand your winter wedding wardrobe with some of these ideas! And if youre a bride looking for her perfect winter wedding dress, dont forget to check out K&Bs selection. We love to help brides find their dream wedding dress!