How To Choose Your Maid Of Honor

Jan 30, 2019

Second to your fiance, who will play the biggest role in your wedding? Your maid of honor of course! At K&B, we are all about celebrating love and having your girls support you at your wedding is something we are also passionate about! Thats why today were talking about how to choose your maid of honor!

Your Perfect Maid of Honor is

Someone Who Knows You and What You Want in Your Wedding

A great way to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time at the various festivities leading up to the wedding up to and including the day itself is to pick a maid of honor who really knows you! Do you want to spend your bachelorette party in Vegas or bumming on the beach? Gin cocktails on the rooftop bar or hot toddies at the campground? These are questions a great maid of honor can answer no problem! Think of someone who has supported you throughout your life, who knows your likes and dislikes, but also knows your tough times and how youve overcome them. Someone who can speak to the woman youve become and the love story youre about to embark on. Think of someone who has been in your life for many years and will be in your life for years to come.

Someone Who Can Handle the Maid of Honor Role

Okay, so you have your best girlfriend, or your sister, or your favorite aunt in mind. Now, lets get practical. Your maid of honor plans a lot of festivities for your wedding – like a lot. There are the big deals, the bridal shower, and the bachelorette party, but depending on your wedding timeline there might also be an engagement party, and assorted events in the days leading up to the wedding. Does your maid of honor have time to organize all these things? Will she be able to roll with the unexpected and keep from stressing you out too much? Is she going to be okay standing up in front of 200 people and giving a toast? If youre not sure, its okay to ask!

If Its a Tough Decision, Talk it Out

Maybe growing up, you always assumed your sister would be your maid of honor, but when the time comes, shes studying for her PhD, or she just had her third baby, or she lives far away. You know she wont have time to dedicate to being your maid of honor and its only going to stress her out. In that case, it might be best to pick your bestie instead. Hopefully, your sister will be grateful that youre being considerate of her time, but it might lead to hurt feelings on your sisters part – and probably youll feel a little guilty about it too! Its a hard thing to talk about, but sitting down with someone in your life who you would love to have as your maid of honor, but can’t will make everyone feel better. There are definitely ways to make that person still feel special in your wedding – maybe an extra sparkle to their dress or a fancy title. Have a maid of honor and an honorary maid of honor!

Your Perfect Maid of Honor is Out There

Hopefully, thinking about these things – who has been a big part of your life, who you see as being a part of your life, and who can reasonably take on the responsibility of the role will help make your choice much clearer! After all, just like there’s a perfect life partner out there for everyone, there’s also the perfect maid of honor out there for you!