How To Choose Your Bridesmaid Color Scheme

Jul 31, 2019

Your favorite women are going to stand up with you at your wedding! What are they going to wear? Dont worry, were here for you today to help you choose your bridesmaid color scheme so that your ladies are as lovely as you are on your special day. 

Consider Your Wedding Colors

Wedding colors! They are one of the most fun decisions to make about a wedding, and they set the stage for what your wedding will look like. What kind of wedding are you imagining? What season? What colors do you like? All these things contribute to what your wedding colors will be. And of course, what would your fiance like? Whatever you choose, your wedding colors will be a big part of how you choose a bridesmaid color scheme.

Think About What Your Dress Looks Like

If youve found your wedding dress, congratulations! If you havent, please stop by and find something that you love. Your wedding dress will inform what your bridesmaids dresses look like. If you have sleeves, maybe you want to go more towards strapless gowns for your girls. If youre wedding dress is super glam, sparkles might be a wonderful touch for your maid of honor.

Imagine Your Girls In The Gowns

After you pick your wedding colors, or maybe before, think about your best gals. What do they look good in? What do they want to wear? There are a few ways to go with bridesmaid dresses – more traditional with everyone wearing the same gown, and more modern with everyone choosing a silhouette in the same color. Weve had brides come in and choose coordinating gowns for every girl. Although the color and style of each were different, they looked fabulous together! Your wedding is all about you and bringing your vision to life. We would love to help!

Ask A Professional

We are launching bridesmaids parties at K&B and we are so excited! Join us and create a memory that will last a lifetime celebrating and shopping for the perfect bridesmaids dresses. When you book a bridesmaid party, youll have your own consultant to discuss your wedding day vision with you and your girls. Then, enjoy sweet treats and find your perfect dresses, whether youre looking for one gown that everyone will look fabulous in, or choosing one dress for every bridesmaid. When you find your bridesmaid dresses at K&B, get a swag bag with exclusive offers from our local Bel Air merchants. You can take them for a whole day of fun! Dont forget to get a selfie at our selfie wall before you go!

What Bridesmaid Color Scheme Are You Considering?

We would love to talk to you about it! Come into the shop and find your girls’ perfect gowns!