How To 10x Glam Up Your Wedding

Mar 13, 2019

Boho weddings have been trending recently, and while we love a barefoot in the garden kind of wedding style, we dont want to forget about girls who are going for a more glam wedding kind of look! Thats why we put together this post on ways to turn the glamorous dial all the way up to ten.

Dramatic Centerpieces

Flowers, flowers everywhere! For a glamorous wedding look, make the table centerpieces the star of the show. Roses are extra dramatic, or take a more sustainable route and use flowers that are in season. A fabulous bonus of local flowers – theyre usually easier on the budget, and theyll be super fresh! Talk to your florist about flowers that not only look good together, but create a pleasing scent in your reception hall for a totally luxurious sensory experience.

Martina Liana Wedding Dress

Martina Liana is THE designer for girls who want to go glam for their wedding. They specialize in luxury statement gowns and we love it! So many of their dresses feature exquisite handcrafted beading that sparkle under romantic and dramatic lighting equally. They are gowns that make a statement, and wearing one as you walk down the aisle is the perfect way to draw together all the glam elements of your wedding.

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Strong Colors and Jewel Tones

If youre looking for a glam wedding feeling, then youre a bride thats looking to make a statement! Pair your gorgeous white wedding gown with some strong colors. The classic romance choice is burgundy, but deep blues and purples can also evoke true royalty vibes. The key to choosing a strong color is to narrow it down to only one option. Then support that color with lighter shades, neutrals and a fabulous metallic accent. Speaking of metals that brings us to …

Gold! Is there anything more glamorous than gold? We think not! If youre searching for a metallic accent, then gold is the way to go. It makes the perfect finishing touch. From invitations, to champagne glasses, gold can add an extra special touch to almost all wedding decoration. Theres really not a wrong way to use gold!

Old-School Lighting

Lighting really makes an occasion, and for a glam wedding vibe, take your cues from historical glamour. For softer lighting at dinner, go for crazy amounts of candles in fancy candelabras and call back dinner parties of old. Looking for a more contemporary feel to the reception? Make beautiful chandeliers a must-have for your perfect venue. They will add tons of sparkle to the occasion!

How Will You Turn Up Your Glam Wedding Vibes?

We always love hearing from our brides how they’re going to put their own personal touches on their wedding day. Leave a comment below about your style! Your stylist will love hearing about it too at your appointment! Get started on your journey to your dream glam wedding by booking an appointment for this weekend (March 15th to 17th) and try on wedding gowns from our Martina Liana trunk show as well as tons of other dresses perfect for the modern bride! Loving the Martina look? Check out even more of their gowns here!