Get Your Perfect Gown At Our Martina Liana Event!

Jun 4, 2018

Who is Martina Liana?

Martina Liana is an Australian designer who specializes in grand romance. Her dresses are perfect for the modern bride who prefers fresh lines with a great attention to detail. They are for the bride who wants a slinky yet fabulous feel to her wedding dress. Martina dresses can be covered in intricate beading and have cathedral length trains with fantastic lace. For the bride who prefers a simpler look, many Martina dresses can be ordered without beads, so that all the focus is on your lovely face. No matter your style, Martina has a gorgeous dress for you, which is why we’re featuring her at our Martina Liana event! K&B has loved Martina for a long time, and now were showing her (and you!) a little more love with our designer spotlight flash event. This event, which is only three days, will showcase our Martina Liana gowns. Not only that, but during the event, these dresses will be 10 percent off! Thats significant savings on a wedding gown! Plus, when you find your dream Martina dress, youll get a special limited edition gift. And best of all, you get to be a K&B ride. Trying not to toot our own horn too hard here, but at K&B we pride ourselves on our empowering our brides to find the dress that makes them feel the most beautiful.  Being a K&B bride is not a one day thing. It is a journey that lasts through your wedding and beyond. Okay, ready to set up your appointment? You can do so here, or continue reading to learn a little more about the experience you can expect at K&B.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

If you set your appointment over the internet, youll get a questionnaire in your inbox to fill out. This helps us get to know you and what youre looking for, so that your stylist has some dress ideas for you before you even walk through the door!. Alternatively, you can call 410-838-1135 and talk to a real person. Make sure you set aside 15 minutes or so because were gonna chat. About you, your wedding, who we are, and how we can help you achieve your vision for a perfect day. When you walk in the door, youll have a private suite waiting. We have treats and white wine available, and youre more than welcome to bring your own beverages. Champagne and mimosas are popular choices; just not anything too dark like red wine. The dresses will thank you! Once everyone is settled, begin the fun! You and your stylist will select six or seven dresses to try on and your stylist can share with you which Marinas you’ll like the best. Martina has everything from all over lace to chic ivory satin, so theres def a dress for your style in our racks. See some of our other faves here.     Starting the search for your wedding dress is such a fun place to be in during your wedding journey. Martinas dresses are stunning, and you can really only appreciate them in person. While the shots you see here are wonderful, they dont capture the little details, like the intricate nuances of the bead work, or the multi-layers of lace. Only the eye can do that, or a talented wedding photographer!

Book your appointment today for our Martina Liana event!

Ready for the details? Here ya go! Where: K&B Bridals When: June 15-17 Who: You! The K&B experience: your own stylist and private suite, treats, wine and a whole room of people dedicated to making you feel the best. Perks: 10% off all Martina Liana gowns during the event PLUS a special surprise gift when you find your gown! Start the journey to your dream dress by booking your appointment!