Discover Your Unique Wedding Dress With Lillian West!

Oct 3, 2018

Every bride wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day. To feel like you look your very best, and this day is unique to you and your love alone. Yes, other people get married, but its not this love, this wedding, this marriage. Part of that feeling is wearing a dress that perfectly expresses how unique your style is! Thats why at K&B Bridals we so excited to announce that we are doing a Lillian West Test Event! Book your appointment for the Lillian West Test Event (October 19th to 21st) here!

Fantastic details right off the top: If you find your dress at our Lillian West event, you’ll get 10% off!

Who is Lillian West?

Lillian West is a designer for boho babe brides who live passionately and love passionately.  Their 2019 gowns are inspired by the carefree vibes of Ibiza, laid-back and breezy for those long romantic summer nights. Lillian West is perfect for the free-spirited bride who wants to dance all night without a care in the world.

What is a Test Event?

Great question! What the heck is a test event and why should you care about it? We all know that designers release new dresses every year, but have you ever thought about how they decide which dresses get to slink down the runway and which ones never make it off the design paper? They do it with input from brides like you! A test event is a selection of dresses created to see which designs appeal to brides and which dont. The designer makes a limited series of samples for brides to try on, and listens to feedback for which ones should go into full production. The designers want to hear exactly what YOU love about their wedding dresses! This event is for 2019 dresses, which means you are able to try on gowns that are completely cutting edge, and maybe wont even be launched until after your wedding. Talk about trendy!

What Does That Mean For You?

That means if you come to the Lillian West tester event, you will get to try on dresses that do not exist anywhere else!!! These dresses are not in the current collection

 they are only at K&B! If you find your dress at the event, you might be picking a dress that never goes into full production. That means you could be the only bride with that dress ever! Its basically like having someone create a custom gown just for you, except without the custom-gown price. Not only do you get to try on these utterly unique dresses, but you also get to tell the designers exactly what you love about their gowns! If you pick a gown that does go into production, then it was your help getting it there! So cool right?

When is This Awesome Event?

Obvi it’s going to be a fantastically fun time. We want you to be a part of it! Our Lillian West Test Event is one weekend only, October 19th to 21st. Schedule your appointment here for your chance to try on these brand-new gowns. When you book your appointment at K&B, you’ll have your own private dressing room which accommodates up to five guests, a personal bridal stylist and sweet treats for a sweet day! Saving the the best part for last? Yes we are! If you find your gown at our Lillian West event, you’ll get 10% off your gown! Awesome! What are you waiting for? Come on in for your chance to try on these once-in-a-lifetime gowns!