De-Bunking Sample Sale Myths For The National Bridal Sale Event

Jun 29, 2020

As you may have heard, we are having our National Bridal Sale Event from July 11 to July 25 this year! Along with the event comes some sample sale myths that you may have heard or be thinking. In today’s blog post, we are here to walk you through some of those myths and explain why they aren’t true!


During this year’s National Bridal Sale Event at K&B, we will be offering:

  • All in-stock dresses reduced to 20-40% off
  • Already reduced in-stock dresses 50% off, giving them discounts of up to 80% off
  • Veils priced at $25, $50, and $75
  • A clearance formalwear section for $39.99
  • Special orders will receive 10% off + free shipping
  • Free Pearl Package included with special orders


Without further ado, let’s get into some of the most common sample sale myths that people have. We’re going to break down each one for you.

MYTH: It will be crazy busy…like on the TV show FRIENDS

TRUTH: Because of the classic FRIENDS episode where Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe go to a bridal sample sale… everyone expects actual sample sales to be exactly the same. This just isn’t the case, at least not here at K&B! In reality, you book an appointment. Your appointment will feel just like any of our normal appointments do and you won’t feel rushed or crowded! You’ll get a personal bridal stylist and a personal fitting room.

MYTH: It will be difficult to find a dress that fits me

TRUTH: Our samples during our National Bridal Sale Event come in a variety of sizes! We are a size-inclusive bridal shop, so we carry samples in a wide range. However, if you’re worried about size selection, we do recommend that you book an appointment as early as possible during the sale. This will ensure the greatest size selection for you! Also, keep in mind that you can still get alterations when you buy a sample dress. This can give you some wiggle room of a couple sizes!

MYTH: There will still be plenty of dresses left toward the end of the sale

TRUTH: Unfortunately, the longer you wait to book your appointment during the sale, the fewer dresses there will be to choose from! While there will still be dresses to choose from toward the end of the sale, your options will be more limited. We definitely recommend that you come in with an open mind if you’re shopping during later dates!

MYTH: I won’t be able to get alterations or customizations

TRUTH: You can certainly get your dress altered and customized when you order a sample dress, granted that you have enough time before your wedding! If the dress doesn’t fit you perfectly in certain areas of your body, a seamstress will be able to fix that for you. Additionally, seamstresses can make plenty of customizations to your gown. This could include sleeves or beading.

MYTH: Sample dresses are out-of-season

TRUTH: A common myth regarding sample dresses is that they are out-of-season, or “discards” from the shop. This isn’t the case! Typically, a bridal shop offers a sample sale to make room for new dresses and collections. This doesn’t mean that the sample dresses are out of style it just means that they are ready to go! It’s the perfect opportunity to get your dream, designer dress for a more affordable price.


After busting these National Bridal Sale Event myths, our final tips for the sale are as follows:

  • Book an appointment as early as you possibly can during the sale.
  • Go into your appointment with an open mind.
  • Bring two of your most-trusted family members or friends.
  • Make your dress even better with some bling.