Common Bridal Appointment Fears

Sep 8, 2021

While wedding dress shopping is an extremely exciting time, it can also be overwhelming! Wedding dress shopping is unlike any other shopping experience that you’ve ever had, so some brides go into their first appointment very nervous and overwhelmed. 

We are here to tell you that you’re not alone! Most brides are worried about something when they come to their first appointment. Today, we’re going to go over some of the most common fears that brides have.

Common Bridal Appointment Fears

Here are some of the common fears that brides have about their bridal appointment. If you have any of these worries or fears, we hope that we can help to alleviate them!

1. Budget concerns

Here at K&B Bridals, we are very transparent about how much dresses cost in our store! When you book your appointment, or during your pre-shop call with us, we will go over price range of the gowns at our shop, as well as how much the average bride spends.

We never, ever want a bride to feel like she can’t afford her dream dress. Before your appointment begins, we will ask you what your budget looks like. We will never have you try on a dress that is out of your price range! All of our dresses have a price tag as well, so you can see how much a dress costs as you are browsing them in our shop.

2. Worries that you won’t find a dress for your body

Body image concerns are very common for brides when wedding dress shopping. We are here to tell you that you’re not alone, but you don’t need to worry! Wedding dresses are unlike any other clothing item that you’ve tried on. They are made of high-quality fabrics and have an insane amount of structure to them. Because of this, they will fit to your body in the most flattering way possible!

Also, our stylists are trained to know what our dresses look like on various body shapes. We will be able to pull dresses for you that will make you feel amazing — trust us!

3. Fear of other’s opinions

Even if you are bringing your closest family members and friends, it can be extremely intimidating to try on wedding dresses in front of a group of people! Especially when you are awaiting their feedback on a wedding dress… and especially when they could have negative opinions about a dress that you love.

Our suggestion? Limit the number of people that you bring with you to between one and three. We know that this just isn’t possible for some people, and that’s okay! But if it is for you, we really suggest bringing a lower number of people. You will feel less overwhelmed this way! Too many opinions can just make you stressed out and confused. 

Bring people who will fully love and support you throughout the process!

4. Worries that you won’t have “that moment”

Thanks to bridal shows, so many brides expect to cry when they find their dress. You might be surprised to find out that most brides do not cry when they find their dress!

Think of it this way — are you an emotional person who cries often? If you’re not, then you probably won’t cry when you find your dress. Some brides cry, some can’t stop smiling, and others are incredibly calm. It’s different for everyone! We encourage you to not expect to cry, because then you will probably question your decision if you don’t.

5. Feeling pressure to buy a dress

Some brides are nervous that their stylist will pressure them to buy a dress that day or that they will pressure them into a dress above their price range.

Let’s start with the latter. Again, we will never have you try on a dress that is above your budget. We want you to be able to afford your dress! 

We will also never pressure you to buy a dress in general. Ultimately, we want you to find your dream dress. If that isn’t at our boutique, or if you just aren’t ready that day, then that’s okay! We want you to feel 100% confident in your decision to buy a dress. 

6. Not finding the dress that you’re picturing

So many brides come into an appointment with something specific in their head that they’re looking for. It could be long sleeves, a fitted gown, a long train… there are so many things that brides search for in a dress.

Would you be surprised to find out that a lot of brides end up with a dress that is the complete opposite of what they came to their appointment thinking that they wanted? It’s true! 

Try not to put yourself in a box. Try on dresses that may not be what you envisioned yourself wearing. You might be surprised! Wedding dresses look totally different on the hanger than on your body, and it’s impossible to know how you will feel in a dress until you try it on. 

We hope that we helped ease some of your anxieties about wedding dress shopping! If we didn’t, we encourage you to reach out to us by giving us a call at 410-838-1135 and talking through some of the worries that you have. We want you to feel totally comfortable coming in to your bridal appointment!