Clever Ways To Ask Your Girls To Be Bridesmaids

Feb 6, 2019

Last week we talked about who to choose as your maid of honor, because we believe that female friendships are so important! This week, we thought it would be fun to focus on the how. Part of the wedding journey is making memories along the way, not only with your fiance but with your girlfriends as well! Thats why were talking about how to ask your bridesmaids to be your bridesmaids! Already found your bridesmaids? Dont miss out on your perfect bridesmaid dresses! Book your private bridesmaid party now – a brand new experience from K&B!

Ask Your Bridesmaids at Brunch

Brunch is always a good idea! Take a group of a friends out on the town for mimosas and a celebration. They might be able to guess why youre going out which will just make it more fun! Get everyone together and do a group outing! Or plan personal events with each of your girls so that you can have a good chat about your friendship and of course, your wedding!

Put Together A Bridesmaid Box

These have really been gaining popularity on Pinterest and we can see why! Essentially, its a box of little gifts and a card that says something clever, like I cant say I do without you! They are adorable and a great way to make asking your bridesmaids a little bit more special. Some great things to put in a bridesmaid box include a nail polish or lipstick for your girls to wear for the bridal shower or bachelorette party. You can also get a mini bottle of champagne or sparkling wine to keep the celebration going. We love the idea of a personalized photo of the two of you from your friendship. This is the perfect time to pull out the embarrassing throwbacks, because youll have plenty of cute selfies together from the wedding parties!

Send A Heartfelt Card

Maybe your girls are long distance, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt send them your love! There is something so special about getting real snail mail. A handwritten note about how much they mean to you and how special it will be to have them with you at the top of the aisle will brighten their day wherever they are. It might be tempting to text and spoil the surprise, but it will be worth it. We promise!

After You Ask Your Bridesmaids Have A Party

After you ask your girls to be bridesmaids, why not keep the party going? At K&B, we have a brand new experience for our brides and we are so pleased to share with you our bridesmaid private parties! Bridesmaid private parties are exclusive events just for you and your girls to play dress up and pick out your gorgeous bridesmaids dresses. Theyre every week from 5 to 7- a perfect midweek pick me up! With a private bridesmaid party, you get a dedicated bridesmaid stylist to ensure all your bridesmaid dresses look fabulous together as well as your own fitting area! Call to book your party at 410-838-1135, or click here! How are you planning on asking your girls to be your bridesmaids? Let us know! We love to hear stories about cute bridesmaid surprises. At the end of the day though, its all about your friendship!