Bridal Stylist Tips For Shopping The National Bridal Sale Event

Jun 22, 2020

In preparation for our National Bridal Sale Event from July 11 to July 25, we want to provide you with as many resources as possible to help you prepare to shop with us! Last week, we wrote The Ultimate Cheatsheet to Shopping the National Bridal Sale Event. This week, we put together some advice from some of our bridal stylists and employees by giving you this list of bridal stylist tips for shopping the National Bridal Sale Event


Here are what some of our stylists and employees had to say about shopping the National Bridal Sale Event.

Toni says:

Try and book your appointment earlier in the sale so that you have a larger selection, dresses go fast!  During a sale, if you have a dress you love, dont wait to buy it. In my experience, I have seen the next bride come in and buy it and I have had brides come back the next day to get their dress and its gone.”

Hope says:

1. Eat before your appointment! It’s something that no one thinks about, but I swear by it. By more than halfway through their appointment the brides are hungry, and it’s hard to trust your feelings when you’re hungry.2. Bring 2 people who are your biggest supporters! It’s great that brides want to bring people to include them, but that can hinder the appointment and end up doing emotional damage to the bride.3. Keep an open mind! (Yes, the whole time.) This is a sample sale so you’ll need an open mind about style to stay within your budget, but also size for the same reason. There’s just one of each dress if you’re not ordering one, and you’ll have to envision alterations that may be necessary.

Katie says:

1. Come ready with the mindset to buy!2. If you buy a larger dress, make sure it’s only one to two sizes larger so it can be altered to fit your frame without compromising the structure and shape of the gown. 3. Make an appointment at the beginning of the sale if you can to have the largest selection of dresses to choose from.4. Keep an open mind and try on a dress you might not love on the hanger. It can look completely different on you than the hanger!5. Buy a gown care preservation package to get your sample gown in shape to go down the aisle!6. Bring your two most trusted loved ones that are happy and positive and will help you reach your goal of saying yes to the dress!7. Come prepared to your appointment. Make sure you feel and look your best. Wear nude undergarments. Bring heels. Show your stylist your Pinterest dress board or show pictures saved on your phone of gowns you love. Have an idea of your dress budget.8. Research the bridal designers we carry and browse their collections. View our IG highlight that says “Bridal Sale!” to preview gowns and their sale prices.9. After you say yes to the dress, check out Faye Daniel Designs‘ jewelry and accessories to complete your bridal look. They will also have discounted items during the sale!” If you’re interested in booking an appointment during our National Bridal Sale Event, give us a call at (410) 838-1135 or click here to book. Don’t wait to book an appointment spots fill up fast! Featured Image Photo by Tom Pumford on Unsplash