Today we are sharing our top advice from our bridal stylists. At K&B, we’re dedicated to you getting the wedding dress of your dreams. We thought it would be a great idea to share our wedding dress shopping advice from our bridal stylists. After all, they’re professionals! They spend all day with wedding dresses and brides just like you. They know what they’re talking about and they’re here to share it with you.

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Wedding dresses take longer than you think! Get things done early, and that goes for everything about your wedding, including your dress. That way you have time to enjoy your journey. When you’ve made your choice, and found your dress, don’t second guess it.

You’ve found your love, so put down the Pinterest! Dresses always look better online, but yours looks beautiful on you. When you’re looking for your dress, bring the people who matter most to you. That way they will see your gorgeousness and you can celebrate finding your perfect wedding dress!

This advice is from Bridget, our founder. So you know that she definitely has some bridal styling experience!

When you come to your appointment, you might have a wedding dress in mind already. Stay open-minded though! You never know what something looks like on you rather than the internet, or even on a hanger. Something else to think about when you’re trying dresses on is you can always add straps to a strapless gown, so don’t discount something that’s perfect except for straps.

At K&B, we’re trying to find your perfect dress. We’re not trying to sell you any dress, so we’ll always take the extra time to show you a few more dresses or work with designers to customize your perfect dress!

This advice is from Candice, our customer experience specialist. She loves to help brides find their perfect gown, and make sure their experience at K&B is the best it possibly can be!

Just because you’re getting married, doesn’t mean you’re not you. When trying on wedding dresses, remember your personal style! Chances are, a variation of that is what you want to walk down the aisle in, so keep it simple and make sure you’re comfortable. When you start to feel overwhelmed, stop trying on dresses. You can tell your stylist how you’re feeling; after all, she’s here for you!

This advice comes from Kate, our bridal stylist lead. She’s met a lot of brides, and she knows that each one has her own unique story to tell!

We hope that this advice helps you in your journey to find your perfect wedding dress! But don’t take it just from a blog post – book your appointment with K&B and get your own personalized appointment with your very own bridal stylist. That way she can can give you individual help to find your perfect wedding dress.