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Featured Bride: Shelley Frome’s Rustic Chic Wedding

One of our favorite things here at K&B is to share photos of our brides after their wedding. Today we have the great pleasure of sharing photos from Shelley Frome’s (now Goedeke) wedding! We’re focusing on the first look and the ceremony, but Shelley has tons of great photos from every moment of her wedding.

If you know Shelley, definitely ask her to show you! All of her gorgeous photos are by Kristen of KLMDigital. Kristen believes that not every photo needs to be posed to be beautiful, and looking at Shelly’s selection, I think you’ll agree with us that the candid photos are awesome!

Shelley’s wedding dress is a beautiful lace A-line from K&B Bridals, natch! She’s accessorized it with a classic beaded belt from Faye Daniel Designs. It definitely adds a little extra sparkle to her day, without distracting from her lovely face!

If you’re interested in a belt of jewelry for your own wedding, Faye Daniel does custom work designed just for you!

Shelley carried a bouquet of lilac and white flowers that matched her bridesmaids dress color of lilac. We love how she put her maid of honor in a slightly darker shade of purple. That way she has something a little special, but everybody looks so good standing together!

The cuff-links you’ll see were a gift to Mike from Shelley just before the ceremony. How sweet!

Aren’t these photos of her and her husband’s first look so cute? We definitely think a first look is such a sweet thing to do before your wedding, because it’s really all about you guys. You get to take a moment together before everybody else you love wants to congratulate you.

Wedding days are so full and go so fast. It’s nice that Shelley and Mike (her now-husband) took the time to be just with each other. And we love the photos that came out of it!

Part of Shelley and Mike’s ceremony was mixing sand to represent the blending of their two families. We think that’s a great way to include other family members in this momentous change, because after all, we’re all part of a bigger family somehow!

We hope you love these photos of Shelley Frome’s wedding as much as we loved working with her!