Bubbly Soiree 2021 Announcement - K & B Bridals

It’s official… Be More Inspired’s Bubbly Soiree 2021 is almost here! We are so excited for this event and can’t wait for you to find out more about it. We promise that you won’t want to miss it!

Bubbly Soiree 2021: What is the Bubbly Soiree?

The Bubbly Soiree is an annual event put on by the Be More Inspired Wedding Studio. It’s sort of like a bridal show, but it’s so much more than that! Think of a cocktail party-esque engagement party… that’s what the Bubbly Soiree is!

You get to celebrate your engagement, interact with some of the best wedding vendors in the area, and enter amazing wedding giveaways. Unfortunately, this year will look a little bit different due to COVID… but we are confident that it’s going to be just as amazing!

How It’s Different This Year

For the first time ever, the Bubbly Soiree is going VIRTUAL! So what does this mean? Well, just like our Bubbly Soiree isn’t your typical “bridal show,” this year’s soiree isn’t going to be like your typical virtual event! You will actually get the chance to INTERACT with vendors during the show via a live video chat.

The show will kick off with a virtual champagne toast to celebrate your engagement. We’ll then go into a tour of the Be More Inspired studio, followed by meet-and-greets with each vendor. Then, you’ll end the show by watching a fashion show that showcases all of the latest bridal trends!

All of the Details

This year’s event is taking place on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 7pm. You’ll get to enjoy the event from the comfort & safety of your own home!

Tickets are available for $15 to include a swag box and giveaway entries. There is also a free option to attend the event, but you will not receive a swag box or giveaway entries.

If you are paying to attend, you will be able to pick up a special swag box full of special gifts and wedding vendor discounts! Pick-up locations include the Be More Inspired Studio in Bel Air, K&B Bridals Hagerstown, and Lib’s Grill – Perry Hall. There is also an option to have your swag box shipped to you for an additional $10. You will also receive 15 giveaway entries that can be put toward the giveaways of your choosing. All of the info for the giveaways is listed below!

Finally, there will be an upgraded option to pick up a to-go meal from Lib’s Grill – Perry Hall to enjoy before or during the show! Click here to order from this menu to pick up the day of the event.

The Giveaways

Here are all of the giveaways that you will be able to enter if you purchase a Bubbly Soiree ticket! Again, you will receive 15 entries and you can put them toward the giveaways of your choosing. For all of the details/fine print on each giveaway, go to our registration page.

How to Register & Join Bubbly Soiree 2021

Registering is super simple — just go to bit.ly/bubbly2021 and follow all of the prompts! Then, you’ll receive information on how to enjoy the event from home on March 23rd. We can’t wait to celebrate your engagement together!