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One of the first thoughts that go through a bride’s head is, should your bridesmaids choose their own dresses? Or should you choose what each girl will be wearing? Hopefully, today’s post will help answer that question for you!

Should Your Bridesmaids Choose Their Own Dresses?

Honestly, we can’t give you a straight yes or no answer. We know, that’s not what you clicked on this blog wanting to hear! But keep reading: you’ll probably come to a decision by the end of this.

On the surface, letting your bridesmaids choose their own dress seems like the easiest option for everyone! Typically, as the bride, you will choose a color or color palette and the length of the dress. Then, you can let the girls have free rein with the style of dress they choose!

When you go this route, your girls get to choose something that they feel comfortable in and you won’t come off as a bridezilla. But, there can definitely be some drawbacks to doing this, too!

If you know that your bridesmaids aren’t big shoppers, then they may want some extra guidance and assistance on choosing a dress. Plus, giving them total free rein on choosing a dress can lead to major differences in colors, as different websites and stores may have differences in their shades.

If You Let Them Choose:

Here are a few of our tips if you decide to let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses!

Determine who needs help & who doesn’t

If you are letting your girls choose their dress, it will be helpful to figure out who needs some assistance and who doesn’t. If a few of your girls are shoppers and are confident about shopping for formalwear, then you can likely give them a color and length and let them go to town! If you have girls that hate to shop and are not confident about choosing the right dress, offer to help them. You can go shopping with them or send them a few specific dresses that you like!

Choose one shop or website

bridesmaid dress shopping dresses

We don’t necessarily suggest giving your bridesmaids total free rein in choosing a dress. This will lead to them shopping at a bunch of different websites and shops, which can lead to some major variances in dress colors. For example, maybe you’re asking your girls to choose dusty rose dresses. Each designer may have slight differences between their “dusty rose” shade!

For this reason, we really suggest asking your girls to shop at one specific shop or website. This will ensure that they’re all choosing the same brand.

This is one perk of shopping for your bridesmaid dresses here at K&B Bridals! For starters, we make sure that all of your girls are choosing dresses from the same brand so that you can get them all the same color. We also wait to order the dresses until each girl has been measured and paid in full. This ensures that the gowns are coming from the same dye lot, so that the shades aren’t slightly off from each other!

Be available for assistance

Finally, if you’re going to give your girls free rein, we really suggest that you make sure you’re always there to offer assistance. If they ask you a question, don’t just say that you don’t care! Although you’re probably doing it out of love, and mean to say that the choice is theirs, sometimes it just doesn’t come off that way. Offer your honest opinion. It’s your day, and your girls are just looking for your approval!

If You’re Choosing Their Dresses:

how many people to bring wedding dress shopping

Here are a few of our tips if you decide to choose the dresses that your bridesmaids will be wearing, rather than having your bridesmaids choose their own!

Make sure each girl feels 100% comfortable

If you are going to choose the dress that your bridesmaids will be wearing, such as having them all wear the same dress, make sure that each girl feels 100% comfortable in the dress. It’s really not fair to have someone wear a dress that they aren’t comfortable in. For example, maybe someone just doesn’t feel comfortable in a dress without sleeves. Or, maybe one doesn’t feel comfortable with a plunging neckline. You don’t want one of your bridesmaids to feel insecure and unhappy on your wedding day!

Make each girl feel included

If you are choosing your bridesmaids dresses, do your best to make each girl feel included. Take as many with you as you can to the shop when you have an appointment to choose the dresses! If anyone can’t be there, FaceTime or Zoom them in, or come to their fitting with them.

Listen to their requests

Finally, similar to our first point, listen to your bridesmaids requests! For example, maybe you have a bridesmaid who just had a baby and just does not feel comfortable wearing a fitted dress right now. In this case, maybe you can choose an A-line dress for your girls.

Overall Tips:

Finally, here are our overall tips for making the decision on whether or not to let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses!

Be flexible

Do your best to be flexible. Maybe you originally chose to choose your bridesmaids dresses, but you are realizing that not all of your girls feel comfortable in the dress that you chose. In this case, we really suggest working with your girls to make sure that everyone feels their best so that they can look their best!

Remember that they can look coordinated without a matching dress

Remember that your girls don’t have to wear the same dress to look coordinated. We promise that your bridesmaids will look cohesive if they have different dresses in the same color or color palette! Don’t feel like you have to choose their dress just so that your pictures look perfect.

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