Saying Yes to the Dress When You Like Everything at Your Bridal Appointment

Saying Yes to the Dress When You Like Everything at Your Bridal Appointment. Mobile Image

Aug 31, 2016

Walking into a bridal shop for the first time can feel like walking into a sea of tulle and lace. With so many options, how can you say "Yes!" to the dress during a 90 minute long bridal appointment? It can get even more confusing if you like absolutely everything that your bridal stylist pulls for you. Even so, there are some tricks to staying focused on what you really want for your big day.

Come to Your Appointment with an Open Mind and a Game Plan

We tell this to every bride when they call to schedule their bridal appointment. Walking into the salon with an open mind is a must! Why? Because trying on different styles is a lot different than looking at pictures of them. You will not know until you are physically in a dress how comfortable it is, how confident you feel wearing it, or whether it gives you the wow factor that you need your dress to deliver for you and your guests. While keeping an open mind is a must, it also opens the door to confusion if you start to like every style you try on. Think about a strategy that you can use during your bridal appointment to weigh your options. Establish a checklist, or a "shopping list" of must-haves for whichever dress you choose. Rather than focusing on saying that you like both styles equally, think about the items on your shopping list that were important to you before even starting the appointment. Some characteristics could be:
  • The train has to be 5 feet or less
  • The dress has to be comfortable enough for me to walk in
  • I would like the dress to have a low and/or interesting back

Remember the Details That Catch Your Eye!

After trying on a dress that you really like and then moving to the next, it can be a challenge to remember what exactly you liked about that first dress. In each dress you try on, you should be thinking about why you either like or don't like it. Do you love the beading? How do you feel about the neckline? Does the fit make you feel confident? Asking these questions can help you create a roadmap for the rest of the bridal appointment, and try more dresses that have those winning details.

Does the Dress Work for Your Venue and the Event That Youre Having?

While you should always get the dress that makes you feel the most beautiful, keep your wedding details in mind when making a decision. If you're walking a far distance to get to the ceremony or spending time outside, choosing a lightweight dress might be the better option. If you're getting married in a classic ballroom with dimmed reception lighting, then you might be happier in a dress with beading or a dramatic skirt. Think about the personality of the wedding that you and your fiancé are throwing, and how that translates to the dresses that you are trying.

Pay Attention to Your Body Language

Body language can give the most clues to the way a bride feels in a dress. When a bride loves a dress, she's beaming, she's relaxed, and she's taking it all in. When a bride likes the dress but doesn't love it, she's analytical, pointing out small details in the dress that she isn't sure she likes. And, most importantly, she looks uncomfortable and tense. If you're noticing any of these characteristics in the way you react to a dress, pay attention to them they will help you hone in one how you are actually feeling about a dress.

Only Say Yes to the Dress After Trying on Your Favorites Again

Trying on a dress again helps brides pick up on the small details that they could have missed on the first try. And, it's a perfect opportunity to try out the tricks we mentioned earlier to compare the top picks!
  • How do the favorites compare to your shopping list?
  • Are there any details that are missing from one of the options that another dress has?
  • Do all of the options work equally for your venue?
  • Do you feel comfortable and confident in the dress, or are you unsure about some of the details?
Remember that you are allowed to like more than one style of dress. In fact, odds are you will like more than one dress during your shopping experience. The trick to saying yes to the dress is to find a gown that incorporates your personality and taste into your bridal look. It's extra important to hone in on the small details of each dress, and figure out if they fit with who you are and the wedding that you're having. Your bridal stylist will be with you every step of the way to help you narrow down the choices using our Be More in Love process and talk through your options, so don't stress! We'll help you determine which dress style works best for you, and make sure that your bridal appointment is an unforgettable and fun experience! You may even end up saying yes to the dress here!