How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows. Mobile Image

Oct 30, 2019

We know that writing your own wedding vows can be a long and difficult process! Sitting down and attempting to sum up your love in a minute or two can be daunting. You could have fears of sounding awkward, or getting uncomfortable in front of family and friends. If you're staring at a blank page thinking, "where do I start?", here are some helpful tips on how to write your own wedding vows!

Decide on a Tone for Your Wedding Vows with Your Spouse

Before you start writing, decide on the tone of your wedding vows. Do you want to make them deep and serious, or keep it light and funny? You should have a chat with your fiancé to make sure youre on the same page. You don't want people to compare your words, so come up with an agreement on what to expect from each other. Write them down in mini books to keep close by forever.

Start From the Beginning

When you start writing your wedding vows, look back at the beginning of your love story. You could even start by sharing the day you two met! Did you expect or not expect this moment to happen? Share a special story from the beginning of your relationship that youve never forgotten, and have held close to your heart. Here's a sentence to start off with: I knew from the moment

Avoid Clichés in Your Wedding Vows

Be genuine and real. You want your wedding vows to represent your real relationship! However, try to limit the inside jokes or deeply personal memories. Take out anything too private or embarrassing. Remember, your friends and family will be listening during the ceremony, so it's okay to keep certain things between you two.

Make Promises to Each Other

Don't forget to actually make promises to each other! Make the promises personal to your relationship. Don't worry, they don't have to be super intense. It could be something as simple as, "I promise to be the one who kills spiders in the house" or "I promise to always sleep on my side of the bed." End your wedding vows with plans for the future. Say what you look forward to most about being married to your soulmate. When you're finished writing your wedding vows, look over everything you've written. Does it align with what you and your fiancé agreed on? Continue reading them aloud and tweak it until you have everything that you want to say! Looking for more inspiration? Check out our blog on 4 Ways to Show Your Partner You Love Them!