Sample Dress Sales for Brides on a Budget

Sample Dress Sales for Brides on a Budget. Mobile Image

Jul 13, 2016

When your bridal budget is less than average or your wedding is just around the corner, finding and buying your wedding gown can be a challenge. Trying to find a dress that is in-stock, doesn't give you sticker shock, and that you love, can be stressful! Luckily, most bridal shops offer sample dress sales on their in-stock bridal gowns, where you can buy your dress off-the-rack at a heavily discounted price. A sample dress sale could be the perfect solution for any budget-conscious bride with a fast approaching deadline.

What Dresses Are Included In Sample Dress Sales?

Sample dress sales typically include dresses from past seasons, or dresses that have since been discontinued and can no longer be ordered from a designer. A lot of stores have some of these styles available to buy off-the-rack at a discount normally. But you can expect even higher discounts, and more off-the-rack options, during a sample dress sale.

Why Are Sample Dress Sales Perfect For Brides With Budget Or Time Limitations?

The beauty of sample dress sales is that brides often leave with their dress. This means no checking to see whether the dress will arrive in time, or waiting for the dress to ship to the boutique. As soon as you find your dress, you get to take it with you! On top of the instant gratification of having your dress in hand, the dress will have a discount from its original price. For any bargain hunters out there, the discounts available at a sample sale are a dream come true.

How To Walk Away With The Perfect Dress

If you are planning to find your dress during a sample dress sale, its important to show up to your appointment knowing what to expect. Sample sales are bustling, with a full schedule of brides trying on sample dresses that are a part of the sale. So, its extra important to make sure your stylist knows what styles you might like so they can pull dresses with your style in mind. One of the most important things to remember is that you are buying the dress that you are trying on, which means it needs to be somewhat close to your size. While that is true, seamstresses can typically take in gowns up to four sizes too large. Take note of the condition of the dress, and ask your stylist whether alterations will fix any damages. Remember that these dresses have been tried on before, so it is normal for there to be signs of wear on the gown. Dry cleaning and alterations should fix most imperfections, and have your dress looking flawless for the big day! Here are K&B Bridals, we have an entire ready-to-wear section in our shop! Schedule an appointment to come in and see what we have to offer! We also have various trunk shows and special sales going on each month. You can also give us a call at 410-838-1135.