We all want to have our dream wedding, but that doesn’t mean we want to sacrifice the rest of their lives! It’s never fun to talk about money, when you really want to be talking about love, and trying to balance a life with your fiance, and a wedding can be tricky. Luckily, there are tons of ways to save money for your big day and keep everything within your wedding budget.

We’re sharing seven of them with you today, because we want you to have your dream wedding and your dream life.

1. Get Married Any Day But Saturday

Saturdays are the big wedding day, but Friday and Sunday are like, right next to it. Some venues will give you discounts for Fridays and Sundays. Our insider tip: see if your preferred venue does a discount for Sundays, and then get married on a holiday weekend. It’s like a Saturday but cheaper!

2. Find Your Dress at K&B’s Black Friday Sale

It’s almost Thanksgiving! That means, it’s almost Black Friday and time to announce our biggest sale of the year. We’re so excited to help you find your perfect dress for your special day at a price that won’t blow your wedding budget.

We know you’re a girl with a plan, and you still want to wear a gorgeous gown! That’s why we’re offering select bridal gowns from 99 to 500 dollars. That’s right 99! Most of our in-stock bridal gowns are up to fifty percent off. Think of where else in your wedding you can put that savings.

So many places! It’s also a week long, from November 16th through 24th, because we know you’ve got other Black Friday sales to hit up and Thanksgiving leftovers to eat. But we definitely recommend you come sooner rather than later, so that you have the full selection of gowns to try on!

Book your appointment for this exclusive event here. Space is limited, and we don’t want your wedding dress to walk out the door before you have a chance to try it on!

3. Don’t Feel Like You Have to Have a Wedding Cake

Put the word wedding in front of a cake, and they suddenly get crazy expensive. There’s a good reason for that, since they often take a lot of time to put together, but there’s lots of other fun options for reception desserts. At your reception, your guests are really just looking for something sweet to top off their food and set them up for some dancing!

Try something like a milk and cookie bar or a doughnut wall (we’ve all seen those on Pinterest right?) or support your local baker and get something sweet and unique just for you!

4. Pick a Venue That’s Already Decorated

Decorations are often overlooked in the wedding budget, but they can add up fast. One way to cut them out is to pick a venue that’s already decorated. We know more than one bride who got married right after Christmas because the church is still decorated from the Christmas services.

Or have your reception at a nice restaurant (bonus: save on catering) and use their ambiance. Another decoration option is to DIY, but be honest with yourself about how much time you have to do that. It’s definitely a great way to put some breathing room in your wedding budget and we love a good DIY!

5. Let People Help You

This is a big time in your life and there are for sure people who love you and want to help you. Have an aunt that’s great at sewing? Enlist her for alterations on your bridesmaids dresses. Dad was a baker for twenty years before he retired? Let him make you a cake! Or a doughnut tower, whatever you’re feeling.

It’s human nature to decline help, because we want to show we can do it all, or maybe we don’t want to be a burden on our families. But this is a time for everyone to come together; if your family, and your fiance’s family offer to help, let them!

6. Save on the Small Stuff

The little costs add up, so see where you can save. We know that at K&B, tuxedos have a 50 dollar charge for every day they’re late (it comes from the renting retailer, sorry about it!), so definitely make sure your guys are on top of sending things back. Lots of things (flowers, cake) have delivery charges so if you have someone in your life willing to pick those things up, do it!

Then, there are the things that maybe you don’t need, but the world is telling you that you do. Napkins with your face on it? Seems fun right, until they’re used. Making a plan for what’s important at the beginning of the wedding budget process will help you save way down the line.

7. Serve a Signature Cocktail

A great way to save money is to keep the liquor choices out of the bar, and offer only beer and wine to your guests along with a signature cocktail. Special cocktails give your guests something sweet to remember. Pick something that reminds you of your relationship and give it a cute name! People don’t mind not having endless choices at the bar. In fact, after a couple of drinks, they’ll probably be happy that you’re only serving one!

We hope that some of these tips were helpful to you so that you can plan your dream wedding. And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to book your appointment for our Black Friday sale November 16th to 24th so that you too can find your dream dress!