6 Epic Groomsmen Gifts For Your Best Guys

Oct 1, 2016


Youre getting married. Whether or not you ever actually thought it would happen, you already have a group of guys that have been with you through everything. They will inevitably be standing next to you at the altar. Your groomsmen are your closest friends, and the experience of being your groomsmen should be both special and memorable. How do you make this experience something your friends will remember twenty years from now? Give them a custom groomsmen gift commemorating the occasion! Here are some creative, personal ideas for groomsmen gifts that are both usable and sentimental:

Pocket Squares

Kill two birds with one stone by giving your groomsmen pocket squares as groomsmen gifts. Make them match your wedding colors, and add an extra flare to the bridal partys wedding fashion while giving your groomsmen a keepsake from the big day. Put them in personalized pocket square holders if you want to use these gifts to ask your friends to be in the bridal party.

Whiskey Stones

If you are feeling budget-conscious, grab an old-fashioned with your groomsmen and surprise them with engraved whiskey stones. Inexpensive, straight-forward, and sentimental, personalized whiskey stones are a great no-fuss gift for your groomsmen. Plus, they will use these long after the wedding has passed!

Golfing Trip with the Guys

The best kind of gift for your guys is one that you all can share together. Schedule a golf outing for everyone and plan to spend the day with your groomsmen. This can be even more special if you use this opportunity to ask your friends to be your groomsman during the outing.

Personalized USB Drive

This ones for the techies. If your friends are less into golf outings or grilling, order them a personalized USB drive. Not only will you know it will get some use post-wedding, but your friends will have something to remind them of the great memories youll make on the big day.

A Charitable Gift

Being socially responsible is becoming more and more popular, especially as alternatives to traditional wedding gifts. Give a charitable gift on behalf of your friends as a creative alternative to a traditional groomsmen gift.

At-Home Beer Brewing Kit

At-home beer brewing is the ultimate DIY! Get your groomsmen the basic equipment for at-home brewing, and maybe theyll let you taste some of the home brew. Finding your groomsmen gifts that are original and usable is the last thing you want to focus on during the stress of prepping for your wedding. Any of these ideas will fit the bill for making sure your wedding is memorable for your guys! Need tuxes? K&B rents men’s formal wear for all of your guys! If more than five men rent, the groom’s tux is free! Check out our options. 

photography by blavou.co