4 Questions To Ask During Your Tux Rental Fitting

Mar 1, 2016

Selecting a tux rental is a step in the wedding planning timeline that couples often push to a later day, sweeping aside for cake tastings and DJ auditions (you know, the fun things!). While choosing your groom’s and groomsmen’s wedding day fashion may seem simple and straightforward, the style choices can be endless. Scheduling an appointment to be fitted for a tuxedo at a bridal salon gives you the chance to ask the questions that will make you feel confident in your tux choice.

How far in advance do I have to order the tux rental?

Luckily for brides and grooms that procrastinate on finding their tuxedo choice, tux rentals take significantly less time to come in than wedding dresses, or even bridesmaid dresses. Tux rentals can take as little as three weeks to arrive at the shop once ordered, and the company overnights pieces if something fits incorrectly. While you have the option to wait this long to order your tux, there are a lot of reasons to start earlier. First, if you have a large party, it’s challenging to make sure that everyone comes to the shop to be measured and pay in enough time to place the order. There’s always at least one person that waits longer than everyone else and having some cushion time between then and the wedding reduces stress for everyone. Second, it’s always easier to have your choices picked out before the big measuring appointment. If you’ve already decided which tuxedo you want and with what colors, the actual fitting will run much more smoothly.

What type of fit should I choose for my tux rental?

Finding the right fit for the groom and groomsmen depends on the type of men you have in your group. Do you have stockier as well as thinner guys in your party? Are all of the men in your party body builders? The style of tux you want to rent depends on the body types of the men in your group. Generally, tuxedos come in three basic fits: traditional, modern, and slim. Modern and slim fit tuxedos have a more tailored look, and will seem more on-trend than a traditional fit tuxedo. Slim fit tuxes, however, won’t work on larger or more muscular guys.

(Source: Jim’s Formal Wear)

Some of my groomsmen live out of state. What measurements do they need to order their tux rental?

It’s very common for groomsmen that live out of state not to be able to come to the store in-person to get measured and order their tux. In these cases, the groomsmen have to get measured professionally through a local bridal store and call their measurements into the shop that is placing the order. Our stylists take down the essential measurements to make sure that the tux comes in fitting correctly, including chest, overarm, neck, sleeve length, outseam, waist and hip measurements.

What trends should I keep in mind when looking for a tux ensemble?

Tux trends change from year to year, but our stylists notice what styles are worn more often than others. Don’t hesitate to ask their advice; after all, they work with groomsmen looking for tuxes every week! The biggest tux trends we’ve seen so far this year are grooms opting for long ties instead of bow ties, and vests in lieu of cummerbunds. Grooms also more often choose non-pleated shirts over pleated. The newest (and, we suspect, Pinterest-inspired) trend we’ve seen is cognac and lighter colored dress shoes with the tux rental. Asking your stylists these basic questions will make finding a tux seem less overwhelming, and leave your groomsmen looking sharp and polished for the big day! In the meantime, browse styles from our tuxedo providers to get some ideas flowing.