Finding The Right Wedding Flowers For A Winter Wedding

Feb 1, 2017

It’s no secret that weddings are more common during the fall, spring and summer than during the cold winter months. But, many brides who love brisk winter days have their hearts set on a wedding during their favorite season. However, they face some tough questions about how to plan and style their weddings. From the type of venue to the wedding attire, cold weather can hamper a perfectly planned (and pinned!) wedding day game plan. We thought we’d tackle one of these questions with some help from our Be More Inspired Wedding Studio Partner, Linda Montuori from Blush Floral Design Studio. We asked her, what are the best wedding flowers for a winter wedding?

Creating Unique Combinations With Your Winter Wedding Flowers

The time of year may actually give brides the opportunity to use unique combinations of flowers that are rarer in other seasons. The timing of winter allows for buds like peonies and anemones to appear. These flowers aren’t always available in some warmer months. Linda created a gorgeous combination of these blooms for a recent wedding in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, photographed beautifully by Tracy Marshall Photography.

Winter bouquets are fun to create because peonies make an appearance when most people least expect it. Anemones also make an appearance, a favorite among many brides! Anemones are a cool weather flower so when they are available, we take advantage of it.” – Linda Montuori, Blush Floral Design Studio

Because of the variety of growers worldwide, most other wedding flowers are available throughout the year. You might assume that your decision to schedule your wedding in winter limits your style choices for the big day. However, certain creative options create beautiful and original wedding flowers during the winter season. Consult a florist. You will find out about more possibilities for your wedding flowers!