Incorporating Fall Colors When Your Wedding Dress Is Not White

Oct 1, 2016


Last weekend during our sample flash sale, one of our brides fell in love with a Maggie Sottero A-line lace gown. It’s a perfect choice for her rustic fall wedding. She loved the dress, but could not look past her anxieties about the gowns blush color. She doubtfully wondered how she would be able to pair a blush tone with a warm fall color palette. Too often, brides come to their appointments with the expectation that they will get a traditional white or ivory gown. Sometimes they are shocked that their dream dress is blush, champagne, gold, or an even more unique color. The truth is, most bridal gowns are designed in off-white options. The chances of getting a dress that isnt white are high. But how can a bride coordinate a fall wedding with a non-white dress?

Think about the big picture: how do your wedding colors work as a group?

The truth is, wearing a non-white bridal gown wont make you stand out less among your bridal party. No matter what, youre the bride and the dress you wear will get that point across! The key is thinking about the big picture, and striking a balance in the colors that youve chosen. Some off-white color options, like light gold or champagne, are neutral enough that they wont clash with other colors. Choosing a muted or darker color like wine or eggplant with a blush dress will pop against the blush. It will also balance out the colors between you and your girls. Say you had your heart set on a brighter fall color, however, like a burnt orange or pale sage. You could incorporate these colors into your flowers or in decorations. This would not only let you include all of the colors you envisioned, but will give the color scheme some texture and cohesiveness. If you decide to use darker colors for your bridesmaids, choosing a lighter option for your groomsmen would work to lighten up the color palette. Grey works beautifully for fall weddings, and pairs well with warmer colors like wine, eggplant or burnt orange. Having that neutral color will help the other colors blend well together as a group. If youre a fall bride and you love a dress that isnt the traditional bridal white, dont panic. These guidelines will help you incorporate your fall color scheme into your wedding no matter what color you choose for your dress. Just remember that youre building your wedding around you, so dont miss out on a look you love because youre worried about matching with everyone else!