5 Bridesmaid Dress Trends We Are Head Over Heels For

Nov 1, 2016

Were sure at least some brides reading this have felt a lack of variety when shopping for a bridesmaid dress and wish there were more style options for them to choose from. After all, you want to give your girls the best possible option! Designers are releasing unique options for brides who want a little something different for their bridesmaids this season. We are thrilled that so many fresh and unique styles, fabrics and color options are making their way on to our racks!


From rustic glam to evening ballroom, new trends in bridesmaid dress fashion are creating chic new options for any wedding concept. We are so excited to share with you five of our fave bridesmaid dress trends for this season!

1. Sequin Bridesmaid Dress

Have you ever wondered how designers would accomplish the goal that every bride has when bridesmaid shoppingfinding that elusive dress that your bridesmaids can wear again? Well, here it is! These sequin beauties have been shining on our racks and stealing the hearts of our brides. Sequin gowns are cut in classic silhouettes and are available in metallic hues like gold, rose gold, onyx, and silver. And these dresses double as evening gowns long after the date has passed.

2. Lace Detail

Our brides are more frequently looking for that little extra detail that brings something extra to their bridesmaid dress. As such, lace detail is an incredibly popular option for that little something extra, and there are tons of options to choose from! However, lace can get tricky when trying to find a specific color. Most designers have limited color options in lace, so keep that in mind when bridesmaid shopping!

3. Wrap Bridesmaid Dress

Wrap dresses are versatile and fashion forward, making them a popular choice for brides who want their girls to be comfortable while looking fabulous! Wrap dresses are effortlessly chic, and can be worn in multiple ways to add some diversity to your bridal party.

4. Pockets!

Several new bridesmaid styles incorporate pockets. This is a pretty useful added perk for bridesmaids (hello, you can carry your lip gloss!). Pockets are completely adorable and sophisticated, and usually added to heavier-weight styles made from satin, dupioni or taffeta.

5. Little Black Dress

One trend that is our personal favorite for the bridesmaid dress is the Little Black Dress (LBD). More and more brides are looking for that dress that can be worn in other ways than as a bridesmaid dress, and the LBD is the perfect alternative that is timeless and flattering for everyone. Our brides have incorporated LBDs into any wedding style, not just evening ballroom weddings. Your girls are guaranteed to love the LBD bridesmaid dress. Anything goes in bridesmaid style these days. Designers are going out of the box to deliver refreshing style options for modern maids. Stop in to check out some of the new styles weve received for next season! Read: Five Steps to a Fun and Easy Bridesmaid Appointment