Deciding Between Two Wedding Dresses From Different Bridal Shops

Nov 1, 2016

As you walk into a bridal shop for the first time, you either fall in love instantly or realize right away that your experience might not be what you hope for. On the other hand, trying on wedding dress after wedding dress feels like searching through a haystack for the perfect needle. So, what do you do if you love two dresses, but they’re at completely different shops? How can you decide between two wedding dresses knowing that you cant see both of your favorites together? These simple tips can help you take the plunge and go for one favorite pick over another, even when you cant compare them side-by-side.


Its easy to fall into the habit of comparing dresses in just one appointment to each other, saying this is the best out of everything weve tried on today, rather than thinking about every style youve tried. Remember, the goal is to find THE dress, and to do that you need to compare all of your choices to each other. Parsing them out appointment by appointment will only make your decision that much harder, and can lead to having favorites from several bridal shops! Think about each dress in relation to everything youve tried on to more easily compare all of the options.


If you can, take photos of the dresses you like as you try them. Photos help narrow down the choices, especially when two wedding dresses are neck and neck. Being in another dress makes your memory of other dresses blurry, so you want to have a visual that you can look back on while you’re trying new dresses.


Finding a bridal dress style that fits you and your personality isnt an exact science. You could like lace A-lines while equally really enjoy wearing a beaded ball gown. And, once you decide on the silhouette and general style of your dress, it’s hard to focus on the details. Think about the specifics that you like from each dress to help you drill down into your dress style. If you like lace, do you prefer a soft lace like Chantilly, or something heavier? If you like straps, do you like them thinner or a little thicker? The subtle details might be what gives one dress the edge over another.

Which Bridal Shops Fit You Best?

If youve tried every other way of comparing your favorite two wedding dresses and still feel completely torn, think beyond the dress. Do the bridal shops have services that are important to you, like good customer care and a great store experience? Which store gave you the best impression? The initial relationship with a bridal shop indicates the rest of your experience as your day gets nearer, so if you truly are torn between two wedding dresses (and two bridal shops) that you love, the shop you’re working with might tip the scales in one direction. Narrowing down what you really love makes your wedding dress search clearer as you eliminate styles along the way. In the end, only one dress will be perfect for you and your wedding day! Have you loved every wedding dress you tried on while wedding dress shopping? Read What to Do if You Like Every Dress During Your Bridal Appointment.